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Socially women have always dealt as the second class citizen. It does not matter from which society a woman belongs. Every religion and culture is trying to give worth to the honourable ladies in the community. However, human being social animal has made things complicated for the women on the earth. There are few socities who are dealing women in a great way. Otherwise, they are disgraced in every aspect of life. Rape is the foremost reason which made women feel insecure in their life. It is a process in which Girl/Women does not only loose her potential and respect but she dies from inside. Sexual Harassment is another reason why women feel themselves self-effacing, they cannot be the part of the development of the society and the state. Problems are nothing but the acts of the people in the world has made world an annoying place to live. Gender Inequality makes progress of any society slower because until women do not feel that they are getting equal opportunity to perform alongside males. They won't participate. A progressive state always in need of women participation.


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