Social media gang war erupted right after Meesha Shafi’ tweet about her harassment by Ali Zafar. The brawl started between feminists who understood harassment and its repercussions; with the remaining flock of patriarchal mindset. Fans and celebrities jumped the bandwagon to give their two-cents on the issue and while we were expecting some real feminist goal; they gave us some hard-core misogynist lessons and surprisingly a number of them came from females. Hold on for another decade till our women get rid of its Male-approval syndrome. Let’s delve into them before we can head for another planet.

1.     A philanthropist can’t be a molester

Nadia Jamil subtly condoned harassment charges levied by Meesha Shafi in her tweet so apparently if a person is working for women empowerment he or she (especially HE) is above suspicion. Persuasive?


2.     A family man? A big NO!

Maya Ali is naïve enough to claim that men who Skype with their families even on work are beyond any doubt. After an essay about the good deed of self-righteous man, her co-star she still believes she will not take sides. Hypocrisy much.

3.     Give and take respect

This master blaster tweet came from “a self proclaimed educated larki” Rabi Peerzada who has prioritized respecting men. In return she was respected and not harassed.

How about telling in what way little Zainab was disrespectful to men?

4.     Zarurat kia thi?

Iqrar-Ul-Hassan believes as people do everything for a higher purpose therefore ali zafar may not have committed it as “zarurat kia thi”.

Ok, Iqrar-ul-Hassan; as Ali Zafar was not low on sugar or any other essential nutrient it can be ruled out that Meesha is bluffing.

5.     Lower your gaze

The naked flesh anywhere is an open invitation to Pakistani men to ravage. the argument given is that as Holy Book Quran asks women to cover themselves so therefore if they dont comply with it they can be mistreated. Sadly they forget that the same book implores men to “lower their gaze”. Remember the story of a lamb and lion?

Relate it yourself now.


6.     Showbiz is porn for Pakistani men

It 2018 and people still think that women in performing arts are ASKING for it in provocative dresses. So if you are in showbiz; remember never to complain because you have already been molested million times by millions in their minds.

Look how he’s touching her?what is left now? is how pakistani men are defending harassment.

Men need to be conditioned to believe that a “NO” is a “NO” no matter where it comes from. Being a celebrity does not mean they have no self-esteem or they are an open invitation to harassment.




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