When it comes how I dress myself; my priority is to go for what I love. A number of times I have been schooled on wearing long shirts with vertical lines to get away with my short stature, (well I am 5,1’’). Fine but why wear heels when I have not just to carry myself but my two kids as well?

The schooling goes on and on even by those people who themselves are short and the problem lies not with them but with how the media industry portrayed beauty standards to its audience.

The media perception of an ideal skin color, height and waist is so strong that a number of times I feel myself scrolling down models photo shopped into ethereal beauties. If it affects me I know it affects zillion others who are waging wars of inadequacy every day. The real purpose of our existence gets a break while we fight with these imaginary phantoms.

These superficial standards of zero-size though created in West are facing a huge backlash because they do not address the majority. I feel these designers need to be taught about their corporate social responsibility as their desire to mint more and more money is landing people in unrest.

Anemic, bulimic and overly obsessed generation with fairness creams will not serve the purpose. Instead we need empowered women who embrace their bodies as they are.

These designing houses need to impart to their audience that working endless hours on their bodies just to fit in a particular dress to impress upon a certain person is not what we were destined to do in life. There is more to life and that you realize when you come out of this cocoon of inadequacy.


Generation is one such brand that works on enhancing body positive images. Every time their page appears in my newsfeed I feel an urge to write my heart out. Their campaigns #Stepoutside,  #Greaterthanfear and #Nairang are blissful breaks from the usual bombardment of perfect models with perfect bodies.

Accepting transgender and most of all #Shehnazkishadi were the showstopper. Love can happen at any moment and marriage is the best way to celebrate it.

These inclusive campaigns where Generation showcased its products on models of all color palettes, age groups, and bodies should inspire other designers to work on more down to earth approaches instead of jumping the bandwagon where everyone is amplifying the discontent of society.

These are the movements that empower women where they educate them to be comfortable in their own skin and strong enough to repel attack aimed at their inadequacy or flaw after all no one is perfect.




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