Few months back our maid remained absent for a couple of day owing to the fact that her sister was brutally murdered. As the victim was not of a good character; the parents did not file an FIR against the killers even though they knew them. Our maid stepped forward and filed a case against them which astonishingly was very brave of her. I lauded her courage only to find out later that she along with her husband pardoned the killers in return of a few lac rupees.

She along with her husband made money out of her sister’s murder that she had not seen in ages

The murdered was unlucky in so many ways; first being she a woman; the second it was an honor killing as she had changed husband about three times; the third that she belonged to a country with super flawed and confused judicial system still dwindling between the leftover of colonial shards and shariah remnants.

This vicious circle of honor killing and then forgiving was going on and on until in July 16, 2016; Qandeel Baloch was murdered. Owing to pressure from human right groups the state was declared as the complainant so that the murderer; her brother Waseem could not escape punishment by pressurizing the father to pardon him.

Qandeel Baloch the first social media celebrity rose to fame after posting some controversial (in the eyes of Pakistani men) videos of her along with a renowned cleric. According to her brother his honor did not allow him to let her further defame the family so he along with an accomplice first drugged her and then asphyxiated her.

She was in no way related to me but I mourn this day for her; for me and for all the women of Pakistan. The father of Qandeel Baloch; Azeem Mawra just pardoned his son, though time and again he had categorically denied all such allegations. He had become an epitome of hope and change.

I don’t know about others but this man who defied all odds and pursued his daughter’s murder case made me think that history was in making. I though no one will come and kill his daughter, sister, mother, wife or lover thinking he will be pardoned later. But I was wrong; century’s old customs are now coded in their DNAs and they all seem helpless about it. No matter how hard they fight they still end up succumbing to the societal pressures.

Soon we will have a murderer on street; one who had no remorse over his actions; he may be warmly received thus giving a lesson to the younger lot that it is ok to kill a women if she dresses or behaves in a certain way.

We failed to set an example.

We failed you Qandeel Baloch time and again.

We still find honor in killing live breathing human beings.

The Pakistani state failed you.





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