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Content writing has not just helped people make careers out of it; in fact students these days are making handsome amounts on weekly or monthly basis. All it takes is an hour or so if you have good language skills and there you have an article worth a thousand or more. Now this amount if generated on regular basis is sometimes enough for students to finance their educational and day to day expenses.

No doubt both content writers and employers do misuse each other but here we will talk about a very sensitive aspect of content writing.

One such example that I saw today on social media is of Kanza Jamil ;a Karachiite. The amount involved is not the big deal; it’s the strength the girl has shown by putting online this man named Imran Raza. This man hired Kanza Jamil and agreed to make the payments for her work but later backed out.

She has shared the screen shots of the conversations and audio recording of Whatsapp messages which clearly show how crooked his mentality is. Time and again he has made jokes of calling her his girlfriends which she has vehemently denied to him on face.

According to her:

“I’m sharing this story to show that just because you’re the boss, doesn’t mean you’ll get away with any kind of crap you throw at your employee and then not pay them.

This guy, Imran Raza, from Washington, DC, I started working for him in October. And he refused to pay me in November because after ignoring so many of his inappropriate advances, I finally snapped and bluntly told that 40 year old, married man that “I am not his girlfriend, I will never be his girlfriend and how unhappy he is with his wife is NOT my problem.”
He reacted with refusing to pay the salary that I had worked for the whole month. He owes me Rs.9142 and my articles are still on his website RateDesi. He published them on 27th November, 2018.
When I quit he said he’ll pay me on 1st December. Then on 1st, he said he’ll pay me on 7th December and then in 7th, he said he’ll pay me on 1st January. And then he refused to pay me at all and stopped replying to my texts asking for my salary or receiving my calls.

My point to all of this is, the power he has over me is frustrating. The power that entitled him to do this to me and get away with it. Because he knew he would. And he did get away with it, as so far there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to hold him accountable for his inappropriate behaviour and for his pathetic reaction to rejection.”

Posted by Kanza Jamil on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

He goes on to the extent of asking her to marry him and become his second wife and join him there in USA. So he thinks he has this privilege of being in USA and any girl would come rushing to him just like that?

imran raza

First aspect -Deep-Set Misogyny

Why do married and aged men of our society don’t think twice before putting out these kinds of marriage proposals? Who gives them this entitlement? Just by saying a few shitty words they are demeaning two women; their wives and the one they are offering themselves up to. When the man concerned (Imran Raza) was conducting a serious business with the girl why was he afraid to listen to a recording from her which only points towards his ill intentions.

Second Aspect- No Laws

Being member of a few content writing groups I have come across a number of claims where writers are not paid on time, under paid or not paid at all. The sad part is that writers cannot do anything about it because there are not enough laws to safeguard the interests of writers.

My question is if there are no laws legislated for a certain trade why is it allowed to flourish then?

Why is it difficult for girls only?

Being set in a sexist society like ours it becomes way difficult for girls to communicate with male employers. As content writing is mostly done from home so both the employer and the employee are in touch with each at odd hours of the day and sometimes at night. This gives these vultures an advantage of conducting a non-professional behavior, which includes using profane language, passing sexist remarks, asking for sexual favors and blackmailing the writer for they have their hard earned money. Their remote location is one such advantage that they misuse. Also because cyber harassment is not considered a proper crime though laws have been created to tackle such situations but the hassle involved is just so much that in the end it’s the victim who gets more victimized.

What authorities need to do?

Authorities should take a strict action towards it and even if the man is located in USA still laws should be wielded to extract out the payment from him. Pakistan is the third largest country on freelancer.com in terms of users and these users are doing a lot secretly for the economy. If these interests of the free lancers are not safeguarded then a huge chunk of money could be compromised.





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