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Recently I came across a Facebook post by Wafa Asher ( Vice President at femsoc society Lums) where she shared her experience at a stand up comedy show held at LUMS. Hazik Ali, a stand up comedian was invited to the show and he started off by making some unamusing jokes and then retorted to sexist jokes that ridiculed women.

Something happened at Stand Up LUMS yesterday that I’m still disgusted by. A little context about the series – it’s a…

Posted by Wafa Asher on Saturday, December 8, 2018

Because one thing that is guaranteed to generate laughter from male audience (and sometime some females) are lame sexist jokes. He kept cracking jokes about feminists and femSoc that is feminist society at LUMS. Brave lady Wafa walked out at this point and so did some of her friends. But that didn’t stop the chauvinist comedian.

Later when Wafa and her friends realised there was a Q&A session with Hazik, Wafa bravely confronted him about his pathetic and misogynistic jokes. But as is the case with most men, he did not accept his mistake and kept mocking feminism and feminists without any shame. Wafa was asked to “chill the fuck out” by his management team.

One would think that in the prestigious institute like LUMS, you don’t have to put up with gender discrimination or sexist jokes. It is really disappointing to see that these Institutes are supporting chauvinists like Hazik and sexual harasser like Junaid Akram who has been accused of sexual harassment numerous times.

Anu Malik was removed as judge from Indian Idol after sexual harassment accusations but in Pakistan people like Junaid Akram and Ali zafar remain unaffected. In fact, they are welcomed everywhere they go as if nothing happened. We need to realize what message we are conveying to the victims? That it’s better not to speak up at all and suffer in silence. While your abuser is basking in all the glory and fame totally unfazed by the atrocities he has committed.

Popular Vlogger and comedian “Rahim pardesi” videos is another example of misogynistic jokes. In one of his video “Chal ponk” he generalizes a humiliating way to address wives. All my life I have never come across any such song where husbands (self proclaimed gods to their wives) are addressed like this.

What is pathetic is that not just men; some women also find it funny. Before we say anything we need to understand that popular art plays an important role in generalizing and propagating ideas and it is the result of this constant fun or comedy made at the cost of a woman’s dignity that even women have accepted this cheap humor.

These are just two instances that I shared but we all know that this thing happens in our society ALL THE TIME. Social media has become the hub of feminist jokes. If you want to get cheap fame over night, start making feminist jokes that will certainly gain attention of people who have cave-man mentality in the 21st century. These types of men are triggered at the slightest mention of Feminism. Without understanding feminism, they snigger at any women who talk about women empowerment.

Every women has to put up with sexist jokes and puns

Women are laughed at and insulting women is considered a great source of laughter by their male counterparts. Sexist jokes is something that every women has to face in her life whether its men cracking jokes about second marriages to generate response from women or painting her as an insecure wife who keeps tabs on her husband all day long. Objectifying women’s body parts is considered another “cool” thing to do in the name of so-called humor.

After I saw the status shared by Wafa Asher I looked for Hazik Ali’s videos and found the truth. Literally the man earns his bread on sexist jokes where he either uses his wife or girlfriends whom he calls “bachi”. I wonder if calling one’s girlfriend “bachi” they satisfy their pedophilic tendencies; I mean who would in their right mind would call a girl they are interested to marry as “bachi”?

What happens when you call men out on their pathetic jokes?

God forbid if you call them out on their sexist jokes, you are asked to “chill the fuck out” and “it’s just a joke” or “you need to grow up.” You are labeled as emotional fool and not funny who takes everything to heart.

Misognistic jokes are NOT FUNNY at all!

Internalized misogyny is present in many women in our society; these kinds of women find sexist jokes to be funny and not insulting at all. In fact, you will find them blaming feminists for being too emotional and making fuss out of everything.

What we women as a gender need to realize is that making gender specific jokes about women are NOT OKAY at any level. In comedy, making jokes and hurling insults at someone are two different things and people especially men need to realize this. To be honest, if essence of your comedy relies on sexist jokes then I am sorry to inform you that your comedy sucks .

Putting  down women and making memes about feminists is not something new or creative. This practice has been going on for centuries in patriarchal society like Pakistan. Making fun of marginalized portion of society doesn’t make for great comedy content rather it shows your lack of talent to create interesting and innovative content.

How men cover up for their sexist jokes?

People often try to cover their sexist jokes by saying that it is harmless humor which causes no damage. Well that is not true; comedy has a power because it is a popular genre that is liked by common men.

The main motive of comedy is to lighten up your mood and make you happy for a time being. By making sexist and racist jokes, you are hurting some one’s sentiments and putting down the whole gender. Making jokes at someone’ expense always leads toward negative feelings and it doesn’t serve any positive or fruitful outcome.

What should be done to put an end to this toxic behavior?

Well ladies, its time to put an end to this toxic behavior. Next time if someone makes a sexist remark or joke, give them a shut-up call right away as Wafa did. No need to endure all this crap in the name of humor. You simply need to walk out or give them piece of your mind.

Lets all women join hands by boycotting any person who put women down whether it is a comedian or any celebrity. That’s the only way to put an end to such toxic behavior.




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