Nowshera:  A transgender has been found dead near the riverbank in the BabuKhor area in Nowshera where she was shot musltiple times.

The victim was a young woman named Maya, had left Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where she resided and was living with the Meena Group (a group of transgenders) in Peshawar.

She had gone to the police in fear of being murdered when her uncle and father tried bringing her home on June 29th. Unfortunately, the police had let her father take his daughter home the next day, after getting a written assurance that he would not harm her in any sort of way.

The following morning, the police had found the victim’s body full of bullets near the riverbank that meant she had been shot multiple times which eventually caused her death.

Not only that she was viciously tortured before being murdered. her finger nails had been pulled.


As suspected by the police department, her father seemed disappointed by her decision to live as a transgender since it ruined his honour in the family and society.

After the initial questioning, it was discovered that the victim’s uncle and brother had killed the victim due to honour reasons and that they considered it to be honour killing.

There have been several protests in the transgender community after this murder, as they are demanding the government to ensure security for them.

The president of the Transgender association, Gul Panra told the reporters on Monday that if the government was willing to give jobs to transgenders they would quit their dancing. She also asked the district officer to provide security to the transgender living in Nowshera and provide justice to Maya for being murdered so brutally.

This is not the first time a death like this has happened in transgender community of Pakistan. In June 2016, a transgender activist named Alisha died due to not been given medical treatment on time. The status of transgenders in the Pakistani society is very low. They are stripped off their right from health services to basic human rights. Trans people here usually face a lot of discrimination while applying for jobs as well and are forced to beg, dance or work as prostitutes in order to earn for a living. They are often a victim of sexual harassment as well.

There is further information on the murder of  transgender,Aftab Ahmed called Maya and you can find it on social media sites under  the following hashtag, #justiceformaya




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