The Me-Too movement has enabled women to come forward and speak about sexual harassment. The campaign was initiated by Tarana Burke, who too was a victim of sexual misconduct herself. Although the movement is gaining fame in Hollywood and Bollywood, it is still under the process of gaining momentum in Pakistan.

Despite the fact that most of the Pakistani celebrities support the Me-Too movement, many have failed to realize the intensity of this matter. They have not been able to understand how sensitive sexual harassment can be and making fun of it is not sanity. One of such insensitive celebrities is Mani.

The forty-two-year-old actor posted a meme related to the movement on Instagram. It was a picture of Tarana Burke, founder of Me-too movement with text that said:

“This is Tarana Burke, the founder of Me-Too movement. Don’t know who touched her and why.”

Soon after this statement, on social media, the host got himself into a big mess. Obviously, any normal person would get offended after seeing someone being judged on the basis of their physical appearance.

Reaction of Public

A local journalist of Pakistan also tweeted against Mani, which said:
“Salman Sheikh, aka Mani, just shared this on Instagram. The crazy, raging, man-hating feminist in me has no words. Congratulations Mani on leaving me, and so many others, speechless.”

Many used the platform of Instagram to point out their views, which were as following,

What a disgusting man you are to joke about sexual harassment. You have two sons who will turn out to be certified douchebags high on toxic masculinity with this shitty mindset you are raising them. Shame!”

“I’m sorry but you’re the dumbest, most cruel person ever.”

“This is pretty damn repulsive. How disconnected are you and your wife (who recently made some shocking revelations about their relationship on an interview with Samina Peerzada) from this world?! Seriously, one has to be complete morons, that too at a time like this to make light of such serious matters,”
another one slammed Mani’s thoughts on the movement.
“Tarana Burke will leave behind a legacy, a movement that brought down the most powerful men in Hollywood. While men like you can’t seem to get their heads out of their a** to see that we are in 2018. There is no room for people who think like you in this world anymore!”
“What a shame. What a shame. Hira Mani, you were singing praises of him in the talk show and it was really nice seeing someone openly show love and support for their husband but this is downright disgusting. Mani, your humor (if it is) or thinking is cheap and disgusting. SHAME ON YOU. Please raise your sons better. And be thankful this didn’t happen to women around you.”

Mani takes back his words very smartly

The story does not end here. Allegedly realizing his fault, Mani took twitter to express his guilt, apologizing for what he had said. He claimed to be unaware of the situation, because his social media expert posted the offensive image on behalf of him.

“I would like to inform all my followers that I am not very much active on social media and was not aware that any such picture is posted on my Instagram. Would like to apologize on behalf of my PR guy who posted it by mistake. Please do help us improve in all aspects of life.”

Unfortunately, his apology received similar adverse comments as before. Turns out, nobody believed his excuse! Here is what they had to say:

One added,
“Stereotypical Pakistani men trying to bring down women for speaking up! Disgusting.”
Very few believed his ‘excuse.’
“The excuse you have given is a bit hard to believe. You’re probably trying to put your blame on someone else!”
“No one knows you and you don’t even know who’s handling your social media? Wow. That’s cute. Tell me more,”




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