In today’s world where everything is advanced, use of social media is increasing especially communication through it. In the olden days it was very difficult to stay in touch with your loved ones. Right now it is just a click away as compared to the post cards, letters and home phones of ten years ago.

But is this beneficial in all ways?

Are there any drawbacks to this?

Well, to be honest, there are always cons to every invention and progress in the society.

Quoting the benefits and cons, one of the biggest drawbacks of social media communication is cyber-bullying.
Several hackers, and psychologically challenged people misuse this mode of communication like the van driver who assaulted one of his passengers. Either the girl is partly guilty or completely innocent; it is yet to be decided after further interrogation by the police.

But the question here arises is; whether people of Pakistan are aware of the threats that come with social media communication? Stated further is the whole story of the incident, according to the news reports.

A case of bus driver of Quetta

Recently, FIA received a case in Quetta, where a bus driver blackmailed one of his female passengers. Siraj-Ud-Din, the driver, manipulatively developed illicit relationship with the girl. He not only took her pictures and videos but also send them to her husband and in-laws.
The tragic story doesn’t end here. His brutal act lead to that girl’s divorce.

The culprit was immediately arrested by the FIA after thorough investigation. According to the sources, they detained him near taxi stand in the city. Moreover, he is under a remand of seven days, till further evidences are received by the FIA.

Is Pakistan safe for women?

Are women even safe in this patriarchal society?
Cases of sexual abuse are swept under the carpet as they disgrace families. In other cases, women fear coming clean and telling their loved ones about the incident. This way they keep tormenting themselves and eventually take it to their graves.

Tonnes of such cases get reported every day. Be it the educated, the rich, the uneducated or the poor, such incidents are a part of every society, which need to be dealt with before it is too late!

Speaking on a general note; let us consider the pakistani bus driver jailed; for leaking photos. Was it really just the driver’s fault?
Or was the girl silly enough to trust a stranger?
Whatever the reason, she did have an extra marital affair with another man, despite being married.
But, as they say it, the victim is never at fault. Or is she?

The point here is that women too should be careful and not get carried away like the victim of the divorce incident. If not completely, it was party her fault as well.
Why did she trust a stranger? Why did she cheat on her husband? Moreover, we do not know both sides of the story, so it is too early to judge either. But sometimes, it’s not just the culprit.
Think about it!




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