The world will never be short of sexual predators and we can’t imagine this sickness to end altogether. However there is something we all can do and that is to identify them and shame them just like these karachiite girls did.

Yes, the pictures of this jerk are circling the social media and thanks to the guts of those girls who managed to snap him red handed. The girl shared it in a closed ladies group and explained the details of the incident where the alleged culprit on finding two girls alone thrust open his manhood; masturbating openly while looking at them.

According to their post at first it flabbergasted them however when later they got control of the situation they ambushed him again where he repeated the same thing.

This was when they showed some courage which all women should do in these situations instead of being intimidated. Yes; they took his pictures, his car number and most importantly his face can be seen for everyone to be alert of.

I personally believe this should not be left here instead the girls should follow proper legal procedure and get a good lawsuit settlement where he could be made into an example.

Harassing women like this is very common and happens especially in deserted areas. Working women and students have to pass through these deserted alleys sometimes without any male guard in the form of brothers or fathers. So the safety of the women always remains at stake and by following these techniques of intimidation men can go to any level.

Staring, stalking, eve teasing or groping should not be ignored. Instead confront the jerk and because only through naming them and shaming them would reduce the frequency of such incidents.





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