Things took an ugly turn when Amir Liaqat along with his second wife Syeda Tuba got invited on Sanam Baloch’s morning show on Samaa tv. It s not the first appearance as a couple on a mainstream media channel; previously Faysal Qureshi has done the same where he gave Amir Liaqat a posthumous kind of tribute.

Media channels stooping too low for TRP is not a new story in Pakistan; our hosts can go from giving fair-skinned girls a black makeover to skin lightening injection to as young as fifteen year old girls.

However Sanam Baloch recently made history by called Amir Liaqat on his show and asking him extremely disturbing question as to why his first wife Bushra Babhi has not accepted his second marriage?

Being herself of the same gender she should have known why yet she asked the question anyways to which amir liaqat gave a cringe worthy answer

“Studying religion and then studying it for a degree are two different things”

Soon after this interview where sanam baloch literally advocated second marriage, sexism and misogyny twitter went out of control.

Taking pride in kifalat

Previously in one of his videos he made it clear to the people that “twitter chal raha hai, facebook chal rahi” that means he is paying for it even though practically he is not supposed to pay.

On Sanam Baloch’s show he reiterated the same statement about kifalat. Naïve Amir Liaqat should know that with remarriage your previous kids don’t stop being your kids. They still are and you are responsible for their sustenance.

About children accepting his second marriage

He made it clear that anything coming on twitter or facebook via his children is not by them. He insinuated that it’s his first wife who is doing so. Indirectly he is preaching that his second marriage has not affected his kids at all.

Affects of second marriage on wife and kids

No matter how second marriage is justified in our society but its repercussions have long lasting physiological and psychological effects of children.

Parents are the anchor to which kids hold on to all their life and anything distasteful between them tends to disturb them and it is as simple as that. There is no rocket science involved here.

Children from polygamous families tend to have low self-esteem, school absence, problems in socializing and in extreme cases alcohol and substance abuse.

In cases where families are not financially stable malnutrition may also occur in children. And above all with remarriage a father does lose a bond with kids; a mother may also lose her connection with kids due to mental instability and feelings of jealousy.

So a person remarrying is not just jeopardizing his relationship with his wife but also with kids and not just that he is completely leaving them in a state of anarchy.

A sincere advice to Amir Liaqat Hussain

Do not flaunt your wife here and there to seek social acceptance after your second marriage. Keep low profile and do not torment your aggrieved family more than it already is.





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