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Violence against women in Pakistan is not a new thing. Pakistan was recently ranked as the fourth most dangerous place for women.  A video gone viral on facebook is a glaring example of this violence.

In the video one man is seen clearly using abusive language against a helpless woman. The man is using the power of a pistol in his hand to subdue her and to go her on her knees.

Posted by Sharmeen Bukhari on Thursday, December 13, 2018

The woman does so but she is still hit in the abdomen while another man is filming the whole violence and also aiding the abuser.

He is constanly telling her “maafi maang” to satisfy his power lust but one should stop for a while and tell this idiot that forcing a weaker unarmed woman to kneel down is not manning up.

She is being told “ gaali nai deni chahiye thi” but what was he doing? Using the foulest language ever was only his birth right?

This woman may have been anyone; his girlfriend or may even be trans but in no situation the man is entitled to harass her or humiliate her like that.

The man is receiving tonnes of abuse himself on social media but this will not bring any change unless higher authorities themselves take matter into hand.

Some even have posted his profile and have identified him as Wasif Abbasi; a resident of Islamabad.  Just like Zainab’s killer got identified from his jacket, this harasser can be identified from his shoes.

From his profile it can be seen he has worked at Rawalpindi bar association which clearly shows his law background.

Now a person who himself is associated with law is abusing law in open daylight without any fear. This shows their mentality that they can go to any length in their violence against women without the fear of any punishment.

No doubt a large majority of people were enraged at what they were doing to the woman; still there were comments like

“A woman should be prepared for this kind of behaviors if she went to them. Her make-up and dressing shows that she went to meet him and may have been friends with him”

misogynist comment

Now this is the most shameful thing and this is what we call victim blaming. Violence against women will not end unless we put an end to this mentality.

Even if she was friends with him ; does it gives him a license to insult her like that?





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