Technology is not yet advanced enough to allow human beings to customize their bodies before birth. Therefore we have to live with the differences and diversities we are born with. Also due to ethical reasons human race cannot be perfected by allowing only those with an ideal gene pool to mate and produce perfect copies and denying those with so called flaws to abstain from polluting ideal gene pool.

These differences and diversities that flourish in our society are due to millions of years of evolution. Every race or culture is beautiful in its own place but if the world has become a global village it does not mean it can dictate to the whole world just one definition of beauty.

It would not be wrong to say that women are the ones who have become the target of this monopolized definition of ideal color, weight or height. This constant bombardment of how a woman should look like has been a source of discontent and the women of Pakistan are no exception.

Pakistani women have been obsessed over whiter and fairer complexion and because of this complex; waste money over fairness creams that play havoc with their skin and hormonal balance in the long run.

This perception of beauty created by media has affected Pakistani women in two ways.

Loss of purpose

Women have started believing that they have been born to look good. In a way its ok to look good but obsessing over is not. Beauty is transitory; does not last forever so one should focus on investing in something that will stay with that person forever.

What makes a woman beautiful is her strength and that comes from her education, skills how she carries herself. Someone rightly said,

“The real power of a woman is her earning power”

Because of loss of purpose we have women who work on whitening their faces instead of their careers. They end up marrying early, become mothers, get abused, divorced and a burden on their old parents. If they do not divorce their abusive partners they live a humiliating life because the breadwinner is a man with an upper hand in a relationship BY DEFAULT.

Health problems

Models’ dying of starving themselves is not a new thing. The sad part is this complex is making an entry into the lives of normal women. There are women who have no access to dieticians end up formulating their own diets which is deficient in essential nutrients. This diet deficient in essential nutrients leads to lethargy and other health complications which ultimately fails a woman.

The duties she has to perform as the mother or wife are neglected thus enhancing feelings of guilt, low self-esteem and uselessness.

The solution to this dilemma lies in embracing diversity. Different skin tones, heights and weight are not flaws; they are just differences that we inherited as a result of evolution.

A lot can be done by the media houses like Kohinoor where they hired Maavia Malik, a transgender, designers like folks at Generation with their socially inclusive campaigns like #Greaterthanfear and #Nairang echoed about acceptance of diversity.

Time will bring even the most beautiful, most desired down; but that going down should have to be with grace. And that grace comes from the strength that one emanates from the inside.

This inside strength of women of Pakistan will come through their empowerment. Society will remain at loggerheads with this feminist ideal but we have to understand one thing and that is “We are society”. Let us start it from out homes. Let’s educate our daughter to be strong before they are beautiful. Let’s raise good sons and let’s treat our wives the way we want our daughters to be treated by their men.

Let’s teach our sons to accept a “No” and let’s tell our daughter to stand against injustice.  Let’s empower them morally and financially so that their rights are not violated just because at the end of every month they have to ask their husbands for money.

In the end let us know what are you going to do? Facilitate your daughter to pursue her complex of face whitening or encouraging her to be a strong and empowered woman?




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