I cannot fathom why we Pakistanis have vowed to regress at every level. Banning Veere Di Wedding is I believe the most idiotic thing our censorboard could do. Sexual objectification of women has not always been imported from across the border; our own movies have earned quite a name in this regard. Who has not seen dramas with themes of rape (Sangat which even romanticized a rapist), molestation and relationship abuses on popular TV channels? Yet our morality is threatened only when we see a bunch of independent women taking their own life decisions and using here and there the “F”word.


This totally reminds me of Rehman Malik’s ban on “double sawari” every time an important event was to take place. The solution to terrorism started from grass root level which seemed a herculean task so through hours of brainstorming this ban seemed easy and cost effective hence people to this day remember the great legend by his this policy.

Likewise our social fabric and family system is always jeopardized when a women becomes independent and the logic given is because she has been created from a man’s rib therefore she is fragile; not to be trusted with decision making.

Now coming back to the movie I haven’t seen it however I instantly fell in love with its trailer. It seems to have everything that we all women so secretly desire but have to maintain a goodie two-shoes charade.

One might wonder which guilty pleasures I am talking about. They are nothing but basic human rights like…

  • We want to storm out of our house, breathe in the fresh air and calm our nerves at any hour of the day or night when we have a row; without any fear of being groped
  • We go through 5-6 educational institutes and never meet our friends again because it’s never an important reason to step outside and endanger the family’s honor pickled and preserved between our legs.
  • We are told not to go on school trips as anything can happen to shame family. The suggestion given is “shadi k baad chali jana.”
  • We don’t want to change ourselves for anyone but society make us take shit from in-laws and spill it on our kids because our nerves are wrecked.
  • How many times we have wanted to talk about sex but have been hushed like exploring our sexualities would bring doomsday some inches closer.

Won’t it be refreshing to see characters play our guilty pleasures on screen?  But again who would argue with jugheads at censorboard that roles played by Sameera Reddy and Amisha Patelas Anil Kapoor’s assistants in Race one and two respectively were the real objectifications of female form and not the cast of Veere Di Wedding.




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