Although PPP is credited with appointing the first female prime minister for Pakistan yet the enthusiasm PTI has instilled in Pakistani women cannot be ignored.  First time in the history of Pakistan we have seen women coming out of their comfort zones into the jalsagahs. These women are not the ones contesting election; they are housewives and students who want to be the part of this change even though it will not directly affect their lives. This is called political awakening and this is what politicians dread. Other mainstream parties maybe labeling this trend to be against our religious or cultural values but nowhere in the world women leave politics at the behest of men only.

Therefore yesterday Imran Khan delivered his eleven point agenda for Naya Pakistan; which most importantly addressed education, health, tax system, agriculture reforms and police reforms. However at the eleventh hour came the eleventh point about the much-awaited women empowerment.

Khan reiterated the importance of education for women and how educated mothers can change the destiny of nations citing the example of his own mother. Education will open new avenues of progress and empowerment for women and this way they will be in a position to generate their own opportunities and revenues instead of living on monthly peanut funds in the forms of income support funds and laptop schemes whose commissions only warmed the pockets of those who started them.

Another thing he categorically pointed out was the protection of women rights which will be enforced through law. The reluctance of women in reaching out for help will be solved by establishing separate police stations for them. This according to us could just be another burden on national exchequer. The alternative could be monitoring of police stations especially when women folks file complaints through CCTV cameras and other digital gadgets.

Lastly he promised women their inheritance as set out by Shariah law after all who can deny the importance of financial freedom.

We have seen a glimpse of these promises being fulfilled in KPK but how Imran Khan manages to address the grievances of all Pakistani women is yet to be seen. Women have set very high hopes with Imran Khan and his ideals but unless we see his manifesto about women being materialized; we cannot call him the idol he has become for Pakistan and its women.




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