WomenFront is voice of today’s women who want to speak up about the issue ailing them and the people around them. It’s a forum where they can vent out their frustrations, from home to workplace. No matter where they are; in the kitchen preparing lunch for families, waiting for their Mr. Rights, going nuts over grades or finding their self esteem dwindle over age; this is the place for them, where they can talk about their issues, relate them and on the way find solutions for them.

The blog is not strictly about hardcore feminism; but also about providing women a channel to connect and share the conflict in the values of their parents and children and how to bridge the gaps while making sure the husband dear is not ignored on the way.

Come; join us in our effort to get away with sympathies allocated for weaker sex as in the garb of these sympathies we are denied our basic human right of “EQUALITY”