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Hey lovelies Hope you are doing great. I believe all of you are doing wonders in your life, educating yourselves, working in male dominated, chauvinist society, raising kids and families and thus creating stories of your own. These are the stories of gender inequality that we women folks face at times in our own homes, sexual harassment on streets and workplaces, abuse at the hands of in-laws and husbands and yet we continue to strive and thrive in what we believe. These stories of never ending struggle live with us unless we let the world peep into our hallway of mind. They need recognition and above all they need to be told to inspire, educate, motivate and empower millions others like us. In my blog I have dedicated a whole section for all such stories where you can speak your heart out and let the world know how was your recent struggle with PCOs, a horrible boss, susrali politic and a narcissist husband. The best thing is that you can stay anonymous or own your struggle. Write to us and be a part of this change. https://www.womenfront.com/contact/

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