Know when to stay in a particular relation and when to jump out of it before you start regretting things.

1. Being Critical

There is a difference between criticism and comments. This is a two way traffic, if your partner is criticizing you purely out of no good intention then it is their fault; if you are not clear at your heart and mind then it will be your fault. Either way criticism in a relationship will destroy what you feel for your partner or soon you will only feel uncomfortable around them.

2. Forcing Your Ways

Enjoy the similarities you both have but you have to embrace the differences they bring with them. When you try to make them they way you are, they feel suffocated. They will want to part their ways.

3. Verbal Abuse

Any kind abuse is not tolerated at any level of a relationship. At start your partner might give you a couple of chances but when it gets on going, they will leave you. Abusing your partner says that you own them, they are your property. At this stage if they settle with this habitual abuse; they are their own reason of destruction.

4. Physical Abuse

Just as the above, physical abuse should not be tolerated. The ability to abuse your partner physically is a mental disorder and is a last nail in a relationship. Don’t think it as something that won’t happen again. Once they get a hand on you this will go on.

5. Loyalty

This might seem to be a forgivable act but in a long run this will leave you devastated, empty and above all depressed. Remember once a cheater, always a cheater. Forgive him or her at your own risk. A person being secretive about his phone, social media accounts and friend details is not the one to be trusted.

6. Little or no communication

An important aspect of a healthier relationship is communication. A communication gap means a gap in feelings. The gap is then filled with negative thoughts. It can always happen if one partner tries more than the other.

7. Too much dependency

Too much dependency gives the other party an upper hand in a relationship which they can exploit whenever they want.  Have a strong support system outside your relationship like parents, friends or siblings.

8. Threatening to Leave

This sign also falls under controlling behavior. If your partner threatens you so that they can control you; it’s time to leave.In some cases a partner threatens to leave only when he or she really wants to leave. Leave them before they do because a person who is threatening now is preparing to leave you very soon. So don’t try to make him stay instead make things easier for him to leave.

9. One way traffic

It is important for both of the partners to try to make things work. If one tries and the other fails to do it, it will create a gap. It can only be fixed through proper expression of feelings.

10. Thinking of Others

It’s normal to think of others but when you are in relationship and you start giving your thoughts to others, you are missing something in the relationship. You should drop off the relationship if this happens.

Always remember “The end of one journey is the beginning of another”.





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