I am home, he is away.

It’s been a month, well used to this way.

This is what they say “Call of Duty”.

We should be strong, compelled to find beauty.

Since the marriage, he chanted this song.

Oh my dear wife, you need to be strong.

For a soldier, this what life means.

To serve this nation, all his aims all his dreams.

When will he return, I have no clue.

Home is no home, everything is so blue.

My husband just wanted to tell you.

I have beautiful home, two kids and a job too.

A life I Thank to Allah as got everything here.

But inside I am scared as you are not there.

“When will baba come”? My younger son always asks.

He is busy my love, doing some tasks.

“He is a soldier silly”, my elder son reminds him.

Copy of baba, naughty eyes, high chin.

I remember your advice, to be strong and tough.

Stand tall, as life at times is little rough.

I am managing everything, it’s not that bad

But still, it’s quite gloomy and bit sad.


Yet, I say it with utter pride.

Although, you are not here by my side.

Your uniform is love for us.

Serving this motherland, it’s an honor for us.

Stay brave,  may your uniform forever shine.

Don’t worry about us,  we are just fine.

You are doing a great job my life.

You are my pride, I am an army wife.

The poem is written by Sameena Furqan,  a child psychologist, mother of two and above all a proud army wife.





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