Seven things you should never share with anyone

Just recently a post on facebook intrigued me to do a little research and come up with this tiny miny piece. A girl shared with her best friend about her having a secret relationship with someone which ended badly. The girl moved on and found a loving life partner who cared deeply but guess what? The little mistake that she had made became a nightmare when something bad happened between the two close friends. The latter in order to revenge the situation told everything to her husband which lead to a divorce. No doubt sharing is caring but you need to know what exactly should cross your mouth that will not land you in trouble later on.

So here I have seven things you need to remember every time you share something with anyone.

Your past relationships

Your spouse will never forgive your past relationships. You give them a hint and suddenly they start eyeing you suspiciously every time you pick up a call or get a wrong number.

Your charity

There has been a rising trend of celebrities handing over donation cheques and then posing to be photographed for next day’s newspaper. Remember Islam says you should give charity in such a way that if your right hand is handing it over, the left should not know about it.

Dark secrets of your family

Well, everyone family has something to be ashamed off. Spilling them over to your friends could land you in deep trouble as they may not be your forever friend unless you have asked from some fortune teller. I still remember Pervez Musharraf telling Pakistani journalists to wash their dirty linen in the home when they pressed him about why Mukhtaran Mai case was obstructed to go global.

Your religion

I am a staunch Muslim but I personally believe that I have my own relationship with Allah and that I do not need anybody’s approval. I have ups and downs in life and I share them with Him. I complain I whine. There are days I pray and there are when I do not pray for even months. Nobody has the right to come and tell me what I need to fix in my religious life.

Your intimacy

Ever heard about women sharing their bedroom secrets with their friends? Well, I have and I have been utterly disgusted. I mean your relationship with your spouse and how your celebrate it every day is nobody’s business. It should be something special and sacred. How can you leave it at just anybody’s imagination?

Your plans and strategies to reach them

I have no idea how many ideas I have killed so far, not intentionally obviously but owing to my own fears and all this because my friends and family members shared their business ideas with me. So guys please better go to a coach, a consultant or an incubator rather than sharing your plans with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Your understanding with your spouse

In eastern societies where joint family system dominates most households’ one thing is very prevalent. The moment a couple is seen connecting on any level, trouble starts brawling. Suddenly everyone turns against daughter-in-law for no sane reason at all. However if the same couple is fighting or being unhappy the same in-laws will come and try to fix the situation. So my advice; if you want peace with your in-laws, do not forget to exchange some blows with their son every once in a while.




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