Five years back I stumbled upon a book “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers. Its first few laws enthralled me but as I delved deeper into it, I was appalled. The understanding that a number of notables turn to this book for self help to attain power was beyond understanding. Power they say is an addiction; and my disgust towards it could have been the result of a powerless or helpless life. Well, the truth.

If I had even been into a position of power, the circumstances may have been different. To me it is the need of insecure weaklings who need power through dirty maneuver or manipulative politics.

Amazingly, I found yet another law of power, the 49th one. The law is

“If your behavior annoyed somebody and you expect them to be angry in a while,  don’t give them the chance. Take a leap and start showing symptoms of discontent, anger or rage over any of their trivial thing that you may have been otherwise ignoring.”

This way the other person will be left wondering,  “what wrong did they do to invite your anger?” . Leave them in this situation for a while or as long as it takes for them to forget or cool down on what troubled them about your behavior.

The applicability of this law has been found to be most effective on South Asian wives who are constantly paranoid about “what did I do to offend my husband” or “ ab kia galat ker dia main ne?” Another ideal victim could be a newly hired employee with no past experience as it would take time for the employee to understand what exactly is he required to do and you can suck the shit out of him in his this confusion.

Another amazing outcome of this law is that the victims will learn to complain less and work more. The productivity will multiply exponentially and there would be all smiles everywhere as the employees will be confused about what angers you. They might even surrender their rights to please your out of the blue, blues.

One contraindication is that the law works well under only two above mentioned setups. Practicing it in other situations where employees are hardened, experienced vultures may land you in trouble. It might even cost you your reputation which according to Law No. 5, is the cornerstone to your success and you have to guard it with life.

Now as I have captioned it “ My 49th Law of Power”; does not mean I practice it. I stumbled upon it by chance and thought of sharing it with you guys. Can anyone relate?




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