The need for women to get financially independent cannot be stressed enough. There are many issues that women in our part of the world deal with such as domestic violence, abusive relationships, compromises on health and education, low confidence and self esteem issues. Financial independence helps in dealing with all these issues in an effective way. Unfortunately, a large number of woman find it difficult to seek any kind of financial independence, especially after getting married due to their socio-cultural dynamics and inability to go out and work in the corporate sector. Luckily, with the improvement in technology and accessibility of smartphones, laptops and internet, there are many ways a woman can earn her own money without the need to step out of the house.

Work In the Field of Your Specialization

It is highly recommended that you specialize and educate yourself in a field of interest that you can easily work in. If you feel you will face difficulties managing a 9 to 5 job, with your household responsibilities or home environment, specialize in fields such as graphic designing, fashion designing, fine arts or cosmetology. These fields allow you to work on your own terms from the comfort of your home with a flexible schedule.

Save and Invest

Ideally work before you get married and save as much as you can. Save money that you get as pocket money or as gifts. You can invest your savings and earn a return over it. There are many ways to invest money such as savings accounts, savings certificates, foreign currency and mutual funds which offer short term and long term returns on your investments.


Thanks to the Internet, you can now earn money by simply using your keyboard. If you can have good writing skills you can setup a blog and start making money out of it. Setting up a blog is easy and free of cost. You can use user-friendly blogging portals such as WordPress or Blogspot to set up a free blog.

Sadaf Zarrar:

If you feel you cannot write too well but have a good speaking power, you can also set up free Vlogs or video blogs on YouTube. The idea behind Vlogs is similar to blogging with the only difference is that you communicate with the audience via videos.

Ideally, you should choose a niche of your interest and expertise such as fashion and lifestyle, food, travel, parenting etc. and focus your blog/ vlogs on that niche. It takes some time for the blog to start generate revenues but once it gains the following it becomes very rewarding.


If you feel you do not have the patience to wait for your own blog or vlog to monetize and generate revenue, you can always choose to work for someone who is looking for hiring online help. Many established websites and blogs hire independent writers to write for their website and pay them according to their output.

Anam Zulfikar; Top Rated Freelancer on Fiverr

Working as freelance content writer for such websites can earn you quick money and you can choose to work around your own preferred schedule. Freelancing offers many other employment options other than writing too such as graphic designing, programming, virtual assistance and data entry operators. You can easily choose to freelance in an area of your skill and expertise. Websites such as Upwork and Freelancer are excellent places to look for some freelancing gigs.

Selling Home Made Food

If you feel you are not skilled or tech savvy enough to take up freelancing or blogging, it is not the end of story. If you think you are a good chef and can churn out creative, healthy and delicious food that will entice the taste buds, you can run a home based food business. Simply create a facebook page and put up a menu and you are good to go. You can also sign up with third party websites such as Sheops to help you market your business.

Selling/ Reselling Goods Online

If creating something of your own is not your forte, you can always work as a reseller. Luckily online shopping is picking up in the country and many customers prefer shopping online now. You can purchase goods such as branded lawn from a manufacturer or a wholesaler and resell then online on some profit margin. You can also import items such as high end make-up and accessories and sell them locally to make money out of it. Even if this is difficult for you  try drop shipping.


Tutoring/ Coaching

Earning money from home is not always about doing it online. You can establish a tutoring setup at you home and offer to tutor students in return of a monthly payment. You can choose to tutor students of a particular grade level, particular subject or keep it generic depending on your qualification and expertise. Again tutoring allows you to work from your home on a flexible schedule and is a good source of earning some quick money.


There are many other ways in which you can gain financial independence easily. Luckily, there are many third party middlemen and social media groups such as Sheops, who support home based entrepreneurs and working woman by getting them the required market exposure and customers along with providing them with logistic facilities to be able to run their business smoothly. So next time you feel low on confidence or unable to buy that amazing dress because you ran out of your pocket money, you know what you are supposed to do.




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