For centuries, women in our part of the world have been conditioned to believe that they are not supposed to earn money. A woman is taught how men are responsible for taking care of all her needs while her sole responsibility revolves around taking care of the household. She is further made to believe that she is not supposed to dream extravagant and should learn to spend within the limits set by the men in her life.

She has no right to buy that one extra dress that she loved, that latest makeup palette that has just been launched, that new bag because her current one is out of shape if the budget provided to her does not “allow” it. Furthermore, she is made to be accountable to man about how she spent every penny of the amount that was given to her. The woman who invests her life, her energy, her soul and her existence in nurturing a household cannot even spend a dime on her own self according to her own wish if she is not allowed to do so.

While most women quietly submit to the norm, the feeling of incompleteness and worthlessness is a common phenomenon in such them. Many such housewives tend to suffer from problems such as depression and anxiety due to the frustrations that they can never vent out. Thankfully, the women of 21st century have started to question these norms. With increased

The biggest advantage that financial independence gives to a woman is the ability to control her life. Not that she is less capable if chooses to remain a homemaker, but when she generates her own income, she is neither dependent on anyone to fulfill her wishes, nor she is accountable to anyone for how, when and where she spends her money.

The ability to earn gives her a sense of empowerment and achievement and she is acknowledged as a credible decision maker. The confidence and self-worth that is triggered by financial independence is important for a woman because a confident woman will raise a confident and self-dependent generation.

A woman’s confinement to her home is also a huge factor that encourages domestic violence. Many women choose to stay quiet about domestic abuse and are scared to walk out of abusive relationships because they have nowhere to go especially if kids are involved. They choose to surrender to abuse just because they are unable to provide for her kids. Many of them spend their whole lives in domestic slavery due to constant threats of being divorced.

The kids that are raised in a dysfunctional family and are exposed to violence and abuse grow up to be insecure and emotionally unstable and are vulnerable to various psychological issues. If a woman is strong enough to support herself and her family, she has the confidence to speak up for herself and even walk out of a relationship if need be.

The need for a woman to earn is not all about dependency on men and abusive relationships. There are many men who go out of their ways to provide for their wives and family. However, due to volatile economic conditions and increasing inflation, it is becoming difficult for a single breadwinner to support the whole family in a decent manner. Many marital relationships suffer due to the constant fights triggered by financial crunch. A woman who is capable of earning can become a support system for her husband and they can together build their lives and dreams as unit. This also helps in nurturing a healthy marital bond between the spouses. Moreover, a working female population also contributes to the overall economy since it helps increasing national income and reduces the pressure of dependent population.

Any person, regardless of gender, cannot become financially independent overnight. It is a process that requires planning and effort and it takes time to materialize. Therefore, it is highly recommended that women should work and gain some sort of experience before they get married. This will help them to explore their strengths and retain their independence once they get married without having to start from scratch.





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