Dear misogynist men of my society where was your honor when!

  1. A woman gave birth in a rickshaw because some VVIPs were moving
  2. Mukhtaran Mai was gang raped.
  3. Qandeel Baloch was strangled.
  4. Tania Khaskheli was shot dead by a feudal
  5. And just recently a woman in Raiwind gave birth on road after being denied admission into the hospital.
  6. Last but not the least every other day drone attacks kill tens of your civilians.

Does it come into play only when a woman stands up for herself like Malala Yousafzai did? Did any of you do anything to bring her out of that abyss? But now that she is into oxford bringing laurels to the country; all of a sudden you wake up from slumber to bash her.

I literally can’t comprehend why the burden of honor is placed on women’s shoulders only. No matter what a woman goes through, be it sexual harassment, rape, physical or emotional abuse at the hands of husband or in-laws; she is hushed quiet. The only justification for this illogical mantra is “honor” of the family.

I am not writing because it’s a hot topic and I want to make a few bucks but solely because I have had enough of this moral policing coming from ultra conservative circles of this society. I don’t know how somebody’s dressing can be a matter of national interest and how it can malign Pakistan’s already tarnished image. Mukhtaran Mai after being raped and projected into the international media is running NGO to help underprivileged  girls of society. I vividly remember the very moderate president Musharraf telling journalists “to wash their dirty linen in the house” i.e., not make a fuss over it. For me she was first of all a human being who needed sympathy from everyone irrespective of nationality or religion.

Now the men of my country are hovering over Malala as she has put their honor at stake by telling the world she was shot because she wanted education. My only question to these people is that what part did they play to make their home, neighborhood, workplace or city safe for the women? In every nook and corner you will find eve-teasers drooling over passing by women and some even have the audacity to grope the victim.

What you got to do with her dressing? In the beginning a picture circulated claiming to show malala running with her father towards the helicopter to deny the fact that she was shot. This drama according to them was created to soil the image of pakistan in the world community.

Women empowerment and equality will threaten our patriarchal system and this is what scares men. Only those nations that allowed women to prosper alongside men have achieved self sufficiency despite lacking in natural resources. Unless we let our women come out and work and preserve our honor by lowering our gaze and following the principle of live and let live; we won’t be counted in the comity of developed nations. Our women will go on giving birth in rickshaws and streets but its ok our honor is jeopardized not by these trivial things but by threats to national security when people like Malala wear western attire.




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