There is No Third Gender!

Imagine you have a child with Down’s syndrome, cleft palate or any other congenital disorder; would you disown that child? Actually, There is No Third Gender!. What are his chances of becoming a disgrace to the family? I have seen people raising kids with special needs with extra care and sensibility. Back in my college days, a girl with a deformed face and fingers studied alongside normal girls. The girl did draw the attention of other students but nobody dared to bully her outright and never did I hear anybody suggesting her segregated schooling. On the other hand, there are kids with Down’s syndrome, autism, speech and hearing disabilities, and low IQ levels who are given separate schooling based on their special needs. My point here is that you do not throw away your disabled child to beg on streets, be abused or disown altogether. Or do you? The answer is a big no.

Why in the world would you imagine disowning or throwing away your child when he is born with an sexual disability? Ok, let’s say in the primitive times they were thought to bring bad luck when people were not aware of medical knowledge. But what of now? Are they still lost in the dungeons of ignorance when they conceal their faces on having such a child? Why are we as a nation so obsessed with sexuality? Be it a women’s or a third gender that we so love to call it.

I personally detest this term. I mean are you kidding me? There are only two genders; male and female; the one you call the third gender is a mere defect or a deformity; that you need to correct just like a heart or a liver disease. A tribune blogger once interviewed a guy who was kicked out by his family on the pretext of his; having feminine tendencies. The guy lived alone in a flat and resorted to sodomy just to make money. Just now all keyboard jihadis will jump up and chant “Astagfirullah what a haraam life!” My question is “Did you as a society left any stone unturned to stigmatize this whole situation? Being a mother myself I believe no mother has the heart to discard her own flesh like that. It’s the social pressure, the taboo attached with trans-kids that parents are forced to abandon their child.

Their persecution that There is No Third Gender! does not end here but is multiplied a thousand times on streets; where the intersex constantly bears the frustrations of perverted men of our society. At times I am driven by curiosity to go and ask these people There is No Third Gender!? what do you think about it? what level of satisfaction did they achieve by swearing abuses at a passive passer-by? Seventy years after independence the state issued NIC to these people and the media is frenzied upon this revolutionary step citing the example of America far left behind Pakistan; still struggling to accept this gender. My answer to these people is that under Obamacare health bill there are a lot of people getting free hormonal shots, psychological therapies and surgeries which would otherwise be very costly for middle or lower middle class to bear. If Bruce Jenner can become Caitlyn Jenner; why can these people with little defects, not be given the lives they deserve? What is this segregation of gender in mosques or workplaces? They are normal human beings born like all of us who worship the same God.

My request from the State is to curb corruption by a few percentages and allocate budget for the treatment of these people so they can be brought in mainstream social life. The good thing is the probability of occurrence of these defects is very low and that too can be tamed by feminizing or masculinizing surgeries, hormonal shots, psychological therapies, genetic selection and termination upon recognition of any such defect at earlier stages of fetus development.

In the end what prompted me to write this was a documentary on YouTube where the subject said he wanted to be a dog so he could live with his mother all his life; as being a transsexual was even worse than being a dog. It’s high time we develop a setup like SKMCH where these people can be given their real identities. But before that, we need to educate the public about the issue There is No Third Gender!.





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