Denying a bare reality does not negate its existence instead it further aggravates the situation. A similar action was called by an MPA Malik Taimoor of PTI when he asked PEMRA to ban the use of word “Talaaq” in Pakistani dramas dubbing it as “Unislamic”.

My question is when did PTI become a brand ambassador of “Islamic values”? Have we sworn to regress at every level? Be it human rights, women rights, child protection laws or general awareness.

Every day we get to hear paradoxical debates by our law makers on things that need a more pragmatic approach.

How about teaching our women about how they can gain certain rights using their Nikkah Nama. The clauses of Nikah Nama where a woman is given the right to divorce her husband is not entertained. Women do not even know if it exists.

Tragedy is that leave alone in-laws even the parents are accomplices to this act. They think as the women are not strong enough to take their decisions and stand by them, they can decide on their behalf without their knowledge.

How about educating women about their right to dower (Mehr)? The actual state of affairs is that a women or a family demanding even a reasonable dower is stigmatized. It is considered a sign of goodwill if a woman or her family proposes least amount of dower like one to five thousand. The dower is paid right after Nikah to woman and she according to certain traditions has to forego it in favor of in-laws so as not to sound greedy.

Imagine a dower of mere one thousand and that too has to be forgiven!

Now mention the word “Talaaq” in an imaginary drama and all hell breaks loose; ignore the true spirit of dower and no one bats an eye.

Alimony to wife and sustenance for children is obtained after rigorous court procedure which too is not pursued by poorer sections owing to cost of justice in Pakistan.

So Mr.MPA instead of banning the word “Talaaq” let us educate our women about its repercussion. Let’s not cancel out clauses that give women their right to divorce, dower and alimony. Let’s not deny them what little they have.

I personally believe dramas need to impart to public in general and women in particular about these issues and their consequences as women are the biggest stake holders in both the cases; whether a divorce happens or a toxic marriage is dragged on.

People need to be confronted with these realities so that they do not beat about the bush and tackle them gracefully.





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