I am at loss of words because I am a hypocrite of this very society that once crucified her at the altar of its fake morality. I may never have gathered the courage to write about that attention seeking woman had I not come across the Express Tribune post about the biopic featuring Saba Qamar. Under the post were the honorable men of my country writhing in utter pain for being reminded about that disgrace they buried a year ago. For a moment I felt like she reminded them of the honor they lost a year ago. The way these hypocrites trolled Saba Qamar and Qandeel Baloch left me wondering; why it has to be only a women to bear the brunt.

My dear fellow men! Just how many of you stepped out of your cozy living rooms flaunting your naked swords at those who liked, shared and commented on her posts? Did any of you held that religious cleric responsible for soiling the office he was given? US, a country with no restraints on liberty successfully impeached its president on accounts of perjury. Leave alone killing a man in the name of honor did you even oust him from his public office? Unfortunately he was back on TV guiding the forlorn public on Islamic issues. What could be the standard of our morality when a morally corrupt was giving us sermons?

And then I marvel at the courage and bravery; this honor incites in men. To kill one Qandeel Baloch; her brother first beguiled her into believing she was safe with him. He drugged her and even in that state the honorable coward needed an accomplice. This all leaves a big question mark about who exactly was honorable? The one fleeing the murder scene that he so vehemently claimed later was out of honor or the one who died standing up to the mafia who is so interested in talking about “light beatings” and who think the world will become a utopia only if women remained in the confines of the houses.

I still shiver at the memory of horrendous Dehli rapist who held women folk responsible for inciting men to rape them. I fear for myself, for a daughter I will never have and for all the women who are somehow born in this misogynist and chauvinist society. I will never hold Qandeel Baloch guilty for anything. For me she was a woman who supported her parents when about half a dozen of her brothers failed to sustain them.

RIP Qandeel Baloch!




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