The first month is very crucial, any decision you make should be solely to have a healthy pregnancy. Reading all sorts of books and magazines just might make your head swirl with confusion. Here are a few precautions you need to take to ensure your baby’s safety;

The Food Don’ts

First things first, you have to get your food right. No undercooked meat, raw eggs or items containing them, minimum caffeine and absolutely no unpasteurized dairy products. All these products bring with them an elevated risk of bacteria, infections and incomplete development of the baby.

Rock The Baby Bump

Not only is it dangerous for your baby’s health but also for yours. Take pasteurized milk, clean your mean and cook it yourself to ensure that it is safe and cooked properly and has no remains of any sort of bacteria. Wash your fruits and vegetables properly and try to eat everything organic especially the first few months as they will increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Don’t eat a surplus amount

Almost half the women tend to gain a lot of weight and among them it is considered normal. This is not true. Studies have shown that mothers who gain a lot of weight thinking they have to feed their baby and themselves now and eat for two are much likely to deliver babies who are in later life, obese. It is very important to maintain a healthy weight because not only will the baby be obese, but you will find it extra hard to shed those extra pounds. As a scale, you only need 360-450 extra calories more than your normal in pregnancy. Do not overeat, maintain your health and do exercises meant for pregnant women.

Say NO to refined carbs


Refined carbohydrates like white bread, sodas, sweets, cakes all raise your blood sugar level in your blood stream. This not only makes you fat but also the baby born is at a greater risk of suffering from diabetes or obesity later in life. If you eat the same amount of calories or a little more and only change the quality of food you eat, your baby would be much healthier and active.Brown rice and oatmeal including other unrefined products are the best.

Do not Panic


Panicking is never a great option. It is not good for you or the baby. Do not worry about how things will get done or what you should do. Just relax and breathe. Take a walk. Plan out your diet, see your doctor and dietician about what you should eat, join some yoga classes. You don’t need to fill your head with all those books and be scared away by someone else’s experiences.

Avoid uncomfortable shoes and clothes

Your comfort is your utmost priority during pregnancy. Shop for maternity clothes and look for comfortable shoes for normal wear and/or if you work in a place where you have to walk around a lot. Heels are a very bad option when you are pregnant because they tend to put extreme pressure on your feet and back making you feel worse which in turn is bad for the baby. Comfortable joggers with comfortable padding are the best option.

Don’t forget to eat or drink

Not eating or drinking enough water for more than 3 hours is dangerous. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and keep biting on small portions of food.

Creative And Healthy Fun Food

These safety measures during pregnancy are to be taken very seriously. When you are short on fluids and food your body induces production of a hormone that causes contraction and leads to labour. This is extremely fatal for the baby as it can cause miscarriage or retard the development of the baby.

Stay clean and maintain hygiene

During pregnancy it is particularly easy to get infected by yeast infection and urinary tract infection. The best way to stay clear of it is take care and wash your vagina with very slightly warm water. Consult your doctor as well about special cleaners that help maintain the pH of your vaginal area as it contains many bacteria that are required to keep the vaginal area healthy. Wash yourself properly every time you use the washroom and do not use any sort of rough or perfumed toilet papers.




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