Honestly bringing the baby out is the most exciting and at the same time dreaded one where your thoughts are dwindling from whether you will be there to hold your baby or not. If you are not a pessimist like me then the least you would be expecting would be a painful delivery, c-section or a not-so-painful one.

For me I went to the hospital playfully like a kid to get a baby at about 1:00 AM. I was undergoing mild contractions after every five to fifteen minutes apart. Their intensity made me overconfident that this is nothing as compared to the period pain that I underwent every month.

Fast forward I was in the hospital, waiting for the doctor to come and check. Though the midwife was there constantly checking on me. Little did I know that even after years of practice she could fail a patient? My pains went on getting stronger and stronger and by the time it was seven in the morning I was literally on the verge of death.

I was vomiting, the pain was just too excruciating to describe, my water had broken and I had the urge to push. Every time I pushed, water gushed out of me and finally the doctor came and announced that my baby had passed meconium but my cervix had still not dilated.

 An emergency c-section was needed, something I had always dreaded my entire life. Lying there, writhing in pain the only option left was “Get this thing out of me”. I knew I couldn’t survive a visit to another doctor for some sane solution plus I couldn’t risk my baby’s life.

I had to give in and let them perform a c-section. Everything that I had dreamed of before delivering my baby was lost in the air. I had wanted my husband to be there holding my hand while I delivered his baby. But the mess I had landed myself in was just too crude. I could not let him see me dying on OT table. I had bid farewell to the outside world as I delved into the oblivion.

And then there were loud screeching noises as I slowly came back to life and just then I heard a baby crying. Oh god! I was still alive and so was my baby. I had experienced contractions and for me if they were so painful how much more painful could be a vaginal delivery. I thanked God for a c-section and thanked him again for just being alive. The scar still reminds of that painful episode but its outcome is just too beautiful for a regret.

However my husband and family were at daggers drawn towards the doctor. I do not know exactly whose fault it was? Was it a genuine case of c-section or the negligence of the doctor; but one thing is sure i.e. till the last moment we were told it was going to be a normal delivery.

Doctors do not always go for a c-section for money. In most of the cases there are medical reasons like

  • Abnormal position of baby
  • More than one baby
  • Labour is not progressing
  • A previous c-section
  • Health condition of mother like she may have HIV, high blood pressure or heart problem.

For me there was none of the reasons above. It was perhaps doctor’s negligence as I spent whole night under the supervision of a midwife. At seven I was given an injection which landed me into the most painful contractions.

Both doctor and midwife passed secret glances and that was when I knew it was partly their fault for a prolonged labor so the doctor could sleep few more hours. The most I wanted then was to save me and my baby and that they did to save their faces.

 However to be on the safer side it’s always good to gather advises from more than one ob-gyn specialist. And when your ob-gyn suggests you a c-section, go for it.

 Do not listen to your mothers, mother-in-laws, grannies and quack midwives. Nothing is more precious than your own life and your baby’s.

Trust me, that scar is something that you will wear like a medal.





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