As the weeks fly by, excitement levels rise for the expectant mothers. You cannot shop enough for your new bundle of joy to arrive. Many mothers start preparing their nurseries and baby proofing their homes way earlier. However, many new mommies ignore the fact that they need to pack their hospital bags before anything else as soon as they cross their 30 weeks. While it is rare for the baby to arrive before 37th week, it is not impossible so your hospital bags should be ready for a grab-and-go just in case the need arises. Here is a list of items that should go in your hospital bag to ensure you have a comfortable stay.

Hospital Documents

The most important thing that you need when you are rushing to the labour room or ER is to have your medical record, antenatal card, hospital registration documents and your ID card with you. This will ensure speeding up your admission process. The on call doctors might need to scan through your case file and reports so keep them handy.


Birth Plan

Having Birth Plans is optional and not really common in the sub continent but it really helps to have one. It has everything about your concerns and preferences during the labour and your hospital stay that you would like your doctor and the staff to know for example who would you like to be with you during labor, if you will want an epidural or not, if you would like them to keep the baby in the nursery etc.


Phone, Charger, Wallet and Glasses

Your essential supplies that you cant do without must be there in your hospital bag. Make sure you have a functional phone just in case you need to contact someone and your glasses if you wear them. There might be stages where you will have to read and sign the documents. Do keep some cash in case of any emergency.


Whatever Relaxes You

Keep a pillow that you can’t sleep without, a book you would want to read or an ipod with your favorite playlist, anything that you would like to relax yourself during your stay.


Comfortable Clothing, Bra and Slippers

Keep your most comfortable clothing along with a nursing bra and slippers in your hospital bag, in which you can move around and sleep with the utmost comfort.


Toiletries and Make Up

Your essential toiletries such as your body wash, face wash, shampoo and tooth brush should be packed in your bag. It is a good idea to keep a tinted moisturizer along with a lip gloss and deodorant so that you look fresh and lively when guests come to meet the new mommy.


Baby Clothes and Nest

Do keep 2-3 pairs of clothes for the new born along with a receiving blanket or a baby nest. This will also help you to carry the baby back home.


Going Home Clothes

Keep a fresh pair of comfortable presentable clothes that you will be wearing at the time of discharge.

Note that some of the bigger hospitals do supply many of the essentials such as toiletries for mommy and baby complementary; therefore it will be a good idea to check with the hospital beforehand. Other essentials such as maternity pads and panties are usually supplied by the hospital.





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