Are you planning to get married in near future? Do you feel shy enough to discuss about pregnancy and birth control with your close friends or family members? If yes then you just opened the right blog. Gone are the days when these were considered as taboo topics. Here are few facts and myths about birth control which will surprise you and possibly help you in getting rid of the anxiety and fear regarding birth control.


There are a number of ways for birth control. The good news is that the selected method for you is suitable for you as it depends on your personal preference, lifestyle and your health status. Options include birth control or contraceptive pills, birth control devices or sterilization. You need to assess yourself before selecting anyone of these options. You might go for pills if you think you are compliant enough to take the pills regularly. If no then you can go for the birth control devices.Even if you are taking pills, you have various options.

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Planning a Pregnancy?

Planning is important. You must know roughly when you plan for pregnancy. The good news is, that there are birth control options which suit such cases. Your birth control method is least likely to show any after effects during pregnancy or delivery.


Unsafe Sexual Contact?

There are birth control methods applicable in emergency situations such as after unprotected sexual contact.


Pregnancy Tests:

You can get accurate results from a pregnancy test while you are on the birth control pills.


Risk of Miscarriage?

You can conceive soon after stopping the contraceptive pills. Miscarriage was once considered a risk if you tried to conceive immediately after stopping the birth control pills. However, this has been shown to be incorrect.

Risk of Birth Defects?

You don’t have to get worried if you took birth control pills during the pregnancy about which you didn’t know. There is very little scientific evidence that the birth control pills cause birth defects. However, once aware of your pregnancy, stop taking the birth control pills immediately.

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What to Expect After Birth Control Cessation?

If you are taking contraceptive pills since a long time and you want to stop now, the only major thing which you will notice is some bleeding or a change in rhythm of your menstrual cycle.


Missed Pills?

If you miss pills during a cycle, you might have unintended pregnancy. A birth control device must be used if you are skipping the pills.


Any Associated Medical problems?

Don’t worry! You don’t put on weight by using birth control methods. There is very little and inconsistent scientific evidence that birth control methods cause cancer. Also, there is no significant negative effect on your cholesterol by birth control methods. However, you need to get your blood pressure checked regularly if you are taking birth control pills. Increase in blood pressure can be expected.


Relation of Age with Birth Control?

If you are healthy and don’t smoke, you can continue with the contraceptive pills even after the age of 35 years.


Sexual Pleasure?

Birth control devices don’t interfere with your sexual contact. You can still enjoy the feeling of pleasure.




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