neem oil as contraceptive

Discussing birth control is considered a taboo subject in a society like Pakistan. Therefore, many people don’t have much knowledge about contraceptive methods.

Overpopulation is now becoming a global threat.Every nation around the globe has now realized the disastrous side effects it can have on the essential resources of human life. To tackle it we will discuss a secret birth control method that women can use if they dont want to conceive as yet but are forced by family and yes that secret recipe is Neem oil as contraceptive.

neem oil as birth control method

Pakistan is among one of the fastest growing nation population wise and this overpopulation is seriously diminishing our natural assets. Not to forget the side effects of overpopulation such as unemployment, pollution, illiteracy and most of all poverty.

The need of birth control

This critical situation demands for a better and effective birth control and family planning measures. We need remedies that are easy to use and cost effective too.

Let’s be honest, many of us are skeptical to use allopathic methods of contraception because of their side effects. And in poor country like Pakistan, people in rural areas are mostly deprived of such facilities which ultimately results in overpopulation.

Neem oil, a magical birth control method

Imagine if someone tells you that you can effectively imply birth control without injecting or swallowing hormones in your body? Yes that’s right, in this article you will come to know about miraculous benefits of Neem and how it can be used for contraception.

Neem oil as effective female contraceptive

Different research and studies have shown that Neem oil serves as an effective spermicide solution. Experiment conducted on rats and human sperms showed that sperm got immobilized after 20-30 secs of being in contact with Neem oil. The effect can last up to five hours.

Experiment conducted on rats, monkeys and some human volunteers shows that application of Neem oil on vagina before sexual intercourse can effectively prevent pregnancy. You can use a dropper for this purpose.

No side effects

The most amazing perk of Neem oil as contraceptive is absolutely zero side effects. We all know very well how that hormonal birth control methods mess up our natural body system. Even those spermicide creams also comes with undesired consequences like severe skin irritation, UTI etc.

Different experiments have confirmed no side effects of Neem oil. And what’s more interesting is that you can get your fertility back once you stop using it.

That means you don’t have to worry about infertility which is a very common issue faced by women who use clinical contraceptives.

Neem oil as contraceptive for males

Yes ladies, you read that right. Neem extract can serve as male contraceptive and it lowers sperm count and sperm mobility. Good news is that it doesn’t happen to effect libido or causes impotency which is main point of concern for many people.

Again, the effects of Neem on male sperm are reversible and in most experiments conducted on monkeys and pigs, males recovered their fertility within 4 to 6 weeks after they stopped using the Neem contraceptive.

Most of the research on Neem was conducted in India where it is widely used as contraceptive method. In one experiment, some healthy sperms were combined with Neem oil in a dish. After careful observation, it was determined that Neem oil killed the spermatozoa within seconds.

Neem oil prevents STDs and other diseases

Because of antimicrobial properties, Neem is believed to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Neem oil as lubricant

Besides being a natural contraceptive with zero side effects, STDs repellent, Neem oil also works as great natural lubricant. Although we should warn you that it does carry a rather strong smell.

neem oil as lubricant

You can try using superior quality oil or combine few drops of neem oil with other essential oils to mask the smell.

Other benefits of Neem

Aside from its contraceptive characteristics, Neem is a super food that can cure many other problems. It has anti-bacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic, antiviral properties. Let’s take a quick look at some other benefits that this amazing herb offers.

  1. Neem is widely known as an effective treatment agent for acne and other skin conditions. Just make a paste out of Neem leaves and apply on acne for clear glowing skin.
  2. Neem is good for hair treatment. It is frequently used in many hair oils and shampoos because of its anti oxidant and antimicrobial qualities which prevents dandruff and hair loss. Many people swear by Neem oil to treat head lice problem too.
  3. Neem is full of vitamins and nutrients so adding them in your diet will help boost your body immune system. I have always seen my elders consume organic Neem paste in our house and the results are wonderful.
  4. You can use Neem tea to detoxify your body. Antioxidants help cleanse body organs of toxic material which results in better digestive system and prevents bloating. You can also get rid of numerous stomach issues by using Neem.
  5. Neem is recommended for people who have diabetes. Neem oil and extract have abilities to reduce blood sugar and can naturally regulate insulin level in body.

There are unlimited benefits of Neem but I cannot possibly mention all of them here. Suffice it to say that Neem is indeed a gift of God and it carries numerous benefits.

Proper research and support needed

With proper research and support of government, Neem can be used to control the threatening problem of overpopulation in Pakistan.Neem trees grows in abundance in Pakistan. We just need to utilize and educate our masses about it as Indians did successfully.




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