If you have finally settled down and decided to start your own family or have been struggling for a while, here are a few simple and easy ways to get pregnant faster

Ovulation clock

You must have wondered “how can I increase my chances of getting pregnant”? Start with the basics. The time your ovary releases an egg is when you are ovulating.

Start by calculating your average period cycle where the first day is the day you get your period and the last day is the day before your next period cycle. When you have that figured out, remember that ovulation happens 14 days before your next cycle. So if your average is 28 days, then you will ovulate on your fourteenth day and that is when you need to have intercourse.

Folic acid intake

If you need to get pregnant quickly you have to take care of your folic acid levels that not only prevent anaemia from occurring but their intake prior to conception also prevents neural defects from stirring up in infants. The dosage required is 400 mcg (micrograms) or 0.4 mg (milligrams).

Testicular temperature

To make sure your partner’s sperms are healthy, the ideal temperature at which the testicles (which are outside the body) need to be kept on is 34.5C to 35C. Testicular temperature needs to be cooler than your normal body temperature which is 37C. Ask your partner to not wear underwear that are of loose fitting as tight ones can increase the temperature of the crotch area. If their job requires a lot of sitting around, ask them to take a break and walk outside for fresh air.

Sperm quality

Smoking should be stopped as that can affect the quality of sperm produced tremendously. Eat bananas, fresh vegetable and fruits including walnuts and dark chocolate.

Couple’s privacy

If a couple around you has been trying to have a baby, planning on it, are newly married or are just spending time with each other, respect their privacy. In our culture, it is frowned upon if a husband willingly wants to spend some quality time with his wife for whatever reason. Let them have their time and enjoy each other’s company. This not only would strengthen their relationship but also help them conceive faster when they are emotionally and mentally stress free.

Lay off your contraceptives

It is a widely known fact that contraceptives help women during extreme menstrual pain and adult acne apart from preventing  unwanted pregnancies but if you have been trying to get pregnant, it’s time to give your contraceptives a little break. Your body will take time to adjust but once your menstrual cycle gets back to normal, you can start trying to have a baby.

Eat healthy and think healthy

Eat right. Drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Walk every day and take your leafy vegetables. If you consume a lot of tea or caffeine, restrict it to one cup a day. In short de-stress yourself and your partner if you really are in the baby-making process.




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