There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to figuring out what’s right for you and what isn’t when you are wondering what should I do before getting pregnant, here’s a list of things that might make it a bit easier.

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Foods to avoid

It can get a little confusing while figuring out what not to eat when trying to get pregnant since you have to pick from a huge variety of options but here’s a few you absolutely should cross off from your list

High mercury fish

Eating sea food rich in mercury content can create reservoirs of mercury in your body and cause damage to the nervous system. Fish like swordfish and tuna should be strictly prohibited for women trying to get pregnant.


Studies have shown that drinking soda and extremely sweet may decrease your chances of getting pregnant. Spiking blood sugar levels are not one of the things that help you get pregnant.


Trans Fats are found in processed foods like microwave popcorns or packet contained chips with the addition of fried foods.

Excessive alcohol intake

Alcohol depletes your body of the vitamins and the nutrients it needs to function normally and properly. It makes the abortion of Vitamin B especially which makes you weak and has been known to cause infertility. Alcohol for both you and your man are dangerous as it also affects sperm motility and functioning.

Raw food items

Raw seafood, eggs or meat are always at high risk of containing salmonella which is a bacteria that can cause severe food poisoning and many infections to the developing baby causing miscarriages or in extreme cases even prevent you from conceiving. Best way to make sure your food is free from bacteria is to wash it and cook it perfectly and leave no portion of it undercooked or raw.


Caffeine can be harmless but you don’t have to quit all of thank fully. Restrict your intake to just one cup a day which should be around 200 milligrams of coffee/tea. But if your intake exceeds that amount you will face tonnes of problems while trying to get pregnant. This not only applies to you but also your partner. Make sure their caffeine intake is at par with normal levels.

Lack of exercise

You and your partner both should develop a healthy lifestyle. Aside from eating right you and your man need to make your bodies physically active so both your reproductive cycles are running smoothly and there are more chances for you to get pregnant.

Using plastics

Plastics contain a well known material called BPA which is not only harmful as per it’s manufacture but has drastic effects on health.

Eating out of plastic containers or drinking from BPA made plastic bottles leads to low sperm count or less number of useful eggs. Have foods kept in stainless steel containers to be safe from BPA.


Smoking can not only cause miscarriages but it can decrease the quality of sperm and sperm counts leading to difficulty in conception. Make sure your partner does not smoke during the time you are trying to get pregnant and is also taking care of his eating habits.

Neglecting oral hygiene

Here’s something you never knew about dental hygiene, bad condition of teeth can affect a man’s sperms in quality and quantity and not only that, bleeding gums or persistent gingivitis can increase your chances at a miscarriage. Better make an appointment with your dentist now.

Extremes in weight

Having an extremely low weight or being extremely over weight (obese) are both dangerous especially if you are trying to get pregnant. It can make you miss your periods, have miscarriages or problems in normal delivery. Balanced exercise and intake of food are good for getting pregnant







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