Foods That Prevent Migraine

With a better understanding of foods that prevent migraine you cannot only decrease its frequency but also intensity. Migraine is the sixth most disabling disease which lasts longer than a normal headache. One in every seven individual complains having this third most prevalent disorder. No doubt it can be cured with over the counter medications but tweaking food, lifestyle and trigger management to some extent can control it significantly.

So let’s start with foods that prevent migraine:

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The caffeine in coffee is reported to have served as both a trigger for migraine and a preventive cure as well. It all depends upon the individual. Caffeine is a plant derived food and is a vasoconstrictor so it may well reduce the headache which occurs as a result of dilation of blood vessels. Too much consumption of coffee can also become a migraine trigger.


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Leafy greens

Adding lettuce and spinach in food can kick away migraines as they contain B2 and B6. B2 is a proven deterrent against headache. It not only reduces the severity but also the duration. Not just that spinach is rich in Omega-3 which is a tested migraine inhibitor. Adding lettuce in salads and spinach in curries and soups can do the magic just take a leap. And add them in your grocery item list for its one of the revolutionary foods that prevent migraine.

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Magnesium is extremely crucial in relaxation of blood vessels which in turn relieves headache. It is present in abundant quantities in bananas.


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Also do not forget to check out foods that trigger migraine.


B2 vitamin or Riboflavin is proved to be a headache or migraine inhibitor. Adding eggs in diet can result in Riboflavin intake for migraine prevention. Eggs may not be enough to fulfill the required amount of Riboflavin so along with eggs, green leafy vegetable can be added too.


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Red meat

Smoked, dried, fermented and processed beef contains Tyramine which acts as a trigger for migraine. However by taking natural beef and its liver can help alleviate this never-ending headache.


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Fish for Omega-3s

Include in your diet Tuna, Salmon, Sardine as they are rich in Omega-3s which is known to reduce stress, tension and depression by significant proportions which in turn inhibits headaches or migraines. Fish is one of those foods that prevent migraine.


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It can be used to prevent hypoglycemia; a condition which results in low sugar levels which in turns triggers migraine. The reason is that they are a great energy resource as they contain complex carbohydrates which take longer to break down hence you feel fuller for longer hours as compared to processed flour.

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