People who have not experienced migraine might consider it a bad headache but honestly it is not. It is an extremely disabling unilateral headache (in some cases both sides may suffer) that is the third most widespread disorder.

You might be wondering by now what exactly is this disease. Well in layman’s terms migraine is an extremely pulsating or throbbing pain in one side of the head, which lasts more than 24 hours sometimes. It is a recurring kind of disease that most people treat with over the counter medicines but in severe cases complete medical examination maybe needed which includes family history, medical tests and trigger factors for the patient. Trigger factors for migraine may vary from person to person and range from food to certain lifestyles.

Migraine triggers list

I have compiled this migraine triggers list. The items of which will be discussed in the article later.

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1. Food

Now you need to take account of two types of foods

2. Change in routine

Change in routine includes the following:

  • Travelling
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Change in eating habits
  • Changing the environment like moving one place to another
  • Even weekends or vacations that are healthy changes may become triggers for some people.

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3. Stress

Be it a simple headache or migraine, stress most of the times is a big trigger. Research and studies have found out that sometimes the alleviation of stress may trigger migraine which happens when an individual is about to enjoy a weekend, holidaying or a vacation.

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4. Hormonal changes in women

Migraine may start both at the onset of menstrual cycle or at menopause as there is a strong connection between the hormonal changes in women and migraine.

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5. Dehydration

Drinking right amount of water to keep the body hydrated is extremely vital if you are not looking for a migraine trigger. The diet beverages that you take thinking you are reducing your calorie intake are feeding you aspartame; the artificial sweetener which is proven to cause cluster headaches.

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6. Environment

Some environmental factors also add to migraine trigger list which include

  • Loud noises
  • Very bright lights
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • High altitudes

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7. Drugs

Both the use and withdrawal of drugs may trigger migraine. The drugs include cannabis and cocaine. In certain cases weed is taken to calm migraine ridden nerves.

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8. Using computers for longer hours

Ergonomics of computer use is of essential nature here. The sitting posture, prolonged hours and too bright or two dim screens may trigger migraine.

9. Contraceptive pills

As already discussed migraine has a strong connection with hormonal changes in women. Consult your doctor before taking any contraceptive pill that will obviously cause change in hormones.

10. Sleep disturbances

Too much sleep or too little sleep is a known trigger of migraine.

so thats all for migraine triggers list.However these are not all and one more thing these triggers may affect different individuals differently.




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