We all have experienced dark and gloomy feelings of impending doom, low self-esteem or simply helpless situations which foster this chemical condition in our brains. As they say problem identification is the first step towards a successful prognosis; similarly one needs to be knowledgeable about the causes of depression. Knowledge of triggers beforehand can educate people a lot in countering depression. There are hundreds of causes of depression depending upon age, socioeconomic status and gender of the person however I have laid out seven major causes.

Winter blues

So it’s not just me who finds a storm broiling inside when the sun disappears somewhere behind the clouds and cold gusts of wind blows the fallen leaves and discarded shopping bags in our country.

It’s the same with my sister and so many other people out there. It is however intensified when this kind of gloominess looms for weeks.

Trauma or losses

Loss of parents, pets, siblings and best friends or anyone with whom you shared memories, can result in depression. Try getting over and move on with life if you don’t want to end up taking medications or therapies.

Financial crises

Yes it is one of the causes of depression. Remember the great depression was not caused by disease or any calamity but by the crashing down of financial markets.

Relationship issues

No matter how much you try; you just cannot ignore it.

When every second of every day is spent with a person; problems do well up and they do get into your mind to drive you to the brim of madness.


If you are taking medications for any health problem; be it an antibiotic, anti fungal or anti viral; know that they do cause depression e.g., levofloxacin, streptomycin and flagyl.

Post-partum depression

Having a baby can lead you to depression too due to hormonal changes. The best thing is to know beforehand that this kind of situation may well up and stay prepared to fight it off.

Health issues

Health issues may cause depression too and these do not just include some dangerous diseases but also other body related issues that have lately become a fad among today’s women e.g. a size-zero body, fairer complexion and lust for staying young forever.




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