Top Seven Foods That Trigger Migraine

Right now people focus more on how to treat a medical condition rather than understanding the triggers. That’s why I have come up with top seven foods that trigger migraine for your convenience. With a little knowledge of what triggers a certain condition you can avoid swallowing pain killers every now and then.

Before we talk about what triggers a migraine let’s delve a bit into what it is. Migraine is a form of severe head pain accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to sound or light, eye pain and pain particularly in one side of the head( in some cases the pain can be bilateral). Triggers of migraine vary from person to person ranging from depression, noise and food to physiological changes in the brain. From all the triggers…

Check our top seven foods that trigger migraine


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You find it in black tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks and in other beverages. In certain cases caffeine could serve as a deterrent against migraine. First find out how your body reacts to it. Avoid it if it comes in the category of foods that triggers migraine for you.


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Read foods that prevent migraine so you can incorporate them in your diet.

Food additives

Develop a habit to sift through ingredients of anything you consume as a number of them may contain allergic additives. MSG (Monosodium glutamate) commonly known as Chinese salt in our kitchens and preservatives in processed foods may serve as trigger for some people. The main culprit in MSG is sodium so whether it comes from your Chinese dining or simply overuses of table salt; say it a goodbye.


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Neurological Sciences in its review of 2007 published that increased levels of tyramine, a naturally occurring substance in fruits like bananas and citrus fruits caused cluster headaches. Tyramine is also found in pickled, fermented and processed food items like cheese, yogurt and meat products. Instead of processed, frozen or smoked meat products, use natural grass-fed beef which will help prevent migraine as it contains CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) and B2 which acts as deterrent against migraine according to The Canadian Headache Society.


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It is an organic substance found in berries (strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries), nuts (hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts), herbs (Cloves, cumin, thyme, tarragon, vanilla, and cinnamon), beans, juices (those with orange color use Tannin in the form of dyes), chocolate and tea. Chocolate cravings increase for certain women during menstrual cycle so ladies find an alternative for it.


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Here comes the bad news for pizza fans. Yes guys, yeast used in pizza crust, bread and other bakery items contain a substance called Coumarin which is one of the foods that trigger migraine.



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Also check a complete migraine triggers list that includes factors other than food.

Artificial Sweeteners

A number of diet conscious people take diet beverages and other bakery items that use artificial sweeteners sold under a number of renowned brand names. Studies had found that they could be one of the dietary triggers of migraine.


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Casein and Choline

Whole milk and sour cream contain these two substances which may trigger migraine in certain individuals.

So if you are suffering from this disease, it does not necessarily mean you give up on all these foods that trigger migraine. Just listen to your body and see which one of these is your trigger for this nuisance.




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