1.     I wish I were a boy

Yes! We girls regret every month for not being born a boy or feel envious of boys for not having periods.

2.     Why the whole word has been mean to me since the day I was born?

Thoughts of depression, impending doom and anxiety loom this time of the month. Not just that it is the time of the month where you feel your libido sky-rocketing.

3.     Could it not wait for another week?

Ok! What could possibly happen if they didn’t come for a week or at least waited for the weekend so I didn’t have to move my ass in the office or college? I literally was not dying for them.

4.     Did I just soil the sofa, bed sheet or my clothes?

Good Lord! Did I just pass more than my pad could accommodate? Most of the times we girls end up asking our BFFs,   “Hey see if the back of my shirt is ok?”

5.     Am I passing the normal amount of blood?

I wish I could collect all the blood I passed and see how much is it that went wasted for no sane reason at all. Heck; All my iron and calcium that I consumed over the whole month gone to ashes.

6.     Please do not make me get up again and again

“Hand me a glass of water” ok say “NO” to your mom and sister but try saying the same to your dad or brother.


Every girl no matter how active she is will find it the most annoying thing. Remember in school when teacher would asked you to come to blackboard and solve a certain equation while on your period?

7.     I am not pregnant!

Depending upon whether you wanted a pregnancy or not your response to this uncalled guest would range from a relieved THANK GOD to WTF.

Have safe periods!





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