While pregnancy is a beautiful time for you, it can fill your head with a lot of worries or question not everyone is able to answer perfectly or accurately and you cannot blindly trust people in this who speak solely based upon their experience, as it differs from person to person. Below are the most questions pregnant women ask quite frequently;


What is nausea or morning sickness?

In most common terms, morning sickness or pregnancy sickness collectively involves nausea and vomiting. The main difference between nausea and vomiting is that nausea is the mere feeling that you are about to puke and not the act itself where is vomiting is the act of puking.

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Apart from its name indicating “morning” it can happen at any time of the day or night. Certain smells or food just might trigger you.

Morning sickness is one of the first signs of pregnancy and can last the first while trimester and in some women even the second. The severity of morning sickness differs from person to person.

When does nausea starts?

The onset of nausea can differ from one woman to the other but the average time is around 6 weeks of pregnancy but can also start around the 4th week as well.

How long it takes to go away?

Morning sickness can start from 4th week and last up till 14th week after which it starts to ease up a little bit. Around the 16th week you feel a very light sense of nausea building up but it will be bearable and go away quickly and easily

Are there any foods to help relieve morning sickness?

There are plenty of foods that can help ease your morning sickness.

  • Sucking on lemon or making lemonade has known to be very effective
  • Drinking lots of water when you wake up
  • Ginger tea
  • Your favourite flavour popsicles
  • Lollipops
  • Mints of mint flavour sucking candies
  • Comfort foods like special carbs, crackers, chips
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Is there any connection between having twins and nausea?

There is no direct link of morning sickness with twins but it is believed that when a woman experiences pregnancy symptoms in a greater severity she is often likely to be carrying twins. Carrying two babies can increase almost all symptoms including hormone production and even a bigger baby bump.

Would I be nauseous in my second and third pregnancy as well?

Yes, but then again it all depends on the person. Some women feel very less pain or morning sickness during their first pregnancy but the experience of their second or third can be completely different. You might feel less or you might feel slightly more

How can I prevent nausea?

Nausea cannot be completely prevented but it can be reduced by taking lots of water and food that is sour or a little salty in taste like lemonade or just sucking on lemon can help. Ginger tea is very useful including sucking on sour lollipops and candies

Why do I feel the need to pee again and again?

There are two reasons why you feel the need to urinate frequently. The first reason is the gushing hormones in your body that direct more blood to your kidneys due to which they filter more and more urine.

The second reason is that when you are carrying a baby, it starts to grow in your uterus and the growing uterus ends up pushing on your bladder. When the uterus pushes on bladder, it makes you want to pee frequently.

Why am I avoiding my partner now? (Low libido)

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During the last stages of your pregnancy, being low on libido or feeling no desire to get physical with your partner is completely normal. With all the hormones gushing and your blood flow directed more towards the uterus, your sexual desires can be on the ultimate low. There is also a persistent fear of hurting the baby and the worry of delivering it that usually takes up your thinking space, hence it is completely normal

How long will it take for pregnancy symptoms to go away?

While you’re pregnant, the pregnancy symptoms will last around 17 weeks. The severity of the symptoms will differ from person to person.

Why am I so exhausted in pregnancy?

Progesterone is the hormone most active during pregnancy which makes you lazy and sleepy causing you to get tired quickly. It also might be because of low nutrition or decreased levels of iron and vitamin C in your body.

Why do I feel bloated?

Abdominal bloating can be cause by progesterone or even normal hormones and their raised levels. Whatever you eat now will take longer to get digested in the body as progesterone relaxes your stomach muscles. The delay in digestion is what causes bloating and is completely normal.

Why do I feel like I am about to have my period?

Before your periods, your breasts get swollen and painful. You get emotionally depressed or sad for no reason at all, that is because of hormones. Pregnancy is not too different from menstruation effect wise. The same hormone increase causes all these symptoms; the only difference is that the severity is increased in pregnancy.





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