Foods play very important role in human body. We get energy, vitamin, calories everything that is needed to run our body machinery. But eating only foods and not healthy diet may cause you many problems. Every food has its own pros and cons. So if someone is planning to lose weight he or she should eat foods very carefully. One should be mindful of foods they are eating. They should be acquainted with the health benefits of all foods. So let’s look at some foods that help in weight loss. Food is the first trigger of weight gain. In today’s fast paced lifestyle people usually do not consider focusing on their diet. They take what is easy to make or buy form fast food franchises. They tend to save time and effort but builds in our bodies piles of unwanted and unreasonable fat. This fat leads to a number of diseases especially elating to heart and kidney.


Water is the most important thing in human body. None can survive without water. It not only quenches thirst but increases our metabolic rate. It speeds up digestion of food. Rapid metabolism speeds up weight loss of the body as fats and calories are burned. It’s the easiest and cheapest method that anyone can go for. It doesn’t only help in weight loss but overall balances all the systems of the body. It hydrates our bodies and freshens up the face.

Leafy greens vegetables

Green vegetable is very good for weight loss. They are low in calories and fats but they have lots of fiber. Spinach, collard, Swiss chards, fenu greek, kale, broccoli and iceberg lettuce etc. are the kinds of foods. It is also very helpful in the sense of that it increases the volume of your meal but it doesn’t increase the consumption of calories. Leafy green vegetables also contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are also good source of calcium and Potassium.

Boiled potatoes

Boiled potato is another food that helps weight loss. They however contain lots of calories but if boiled potatoes are left for a while to cool they form a resistant starch that has many other health benefits including weight loss. That is why it is used widely in diets as its rich in Potassium.

Beans and Legumes

They too help in the process of weight loss. Lentils, black beans, kidney beans are the various kinds. They are very high in protein and fiber. They also have some resistant starch. But many people cannot eat them.


As we know that meals that have low energy density tend make people eat fewer calories. Soups are very important in weight loss. Studies have shown that taking food in the form of soups and not solid will result in weight loss. The first and the foremost easiest recipe for weight loss is consumption of soups. They can make you feel satiated with little provision of calories.


Nuts are also the kinds of food that have high calories but they also are a great source of protein, fiber and good amount of fat which can help in weight loss. Nuts are also helpful for many diseases like heart disease; like cancer and diabetes etc. so eating some nuts which have good fat can help you a lot in weight loss. Add nuts in your diet but in the right amount.


Studies have shown that eggs don’t affect blood cholesterol and don’t cause heart attack. Eggs are very high in protein and other health nutrients. Dieting can lead to nutrient deficiency in body. So taking a food that helps in less fat or calorie build up and more nutritive value are a good alternative. So all of you people; add eggs in your diet plan and do not devoid your bodies of nutrients that make it function properly. Being so rich in nutrients is the reason they are consumed in breakfasts round the globe.


In the end make sure you consume a food that is rich in essential nutrients, minerals and fibers. Do not take foods that are rich in fat or calories. Put a full stop to oil rich and sweet foods. If weight loss is your mission then fatty and sugar rich foods should not even have a glance at your menu.




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