Today’s world has not only created junk foods for easy preparation and availability; it has created a myth of superficial beauty too. One of the biggest things that determine the beauty in today’s world is the lean and thin body. For men the muscles have to be beautifully sculpted and for women tiny waists are a must.  Now how can one achieve this standard? The answer is through weight loss. However there are a great number of myths about weight loss that may hinder people in achieving their desired goals.

Some of these myths are given below.

Calories-Biggest myths about weight loss

Burning one calorie yields a particular amount of energy but that does not mean a calorie from fatty food is similar to a carbohydrate or a protein food. The calories driven from different sources of foods have different effects on the body. This is because the calories of different foods go through different processes of digestion. Proteins calories are considered better than fat or carbohydrate calories. That is why during weight loss process protein calories in the form of eggs, salmon and grilled or boiled chicken are preferred.

Foods that assist weight loss

Weight fluctuations

You might be strictly following your diet plan but when you stand on the weight machine you find your weight either increased or not decreased from the last observation. This happens because of differing metabolic rate. During menstrual cycle; women experience weight gain because of water retention in the body.

The reading on your weight machine might fluctuate because of a full stomach of food or water. There is no need to panic that you are not losing weight as this is a gradual process.

Weight loss supplement

People consider it the easiest way towards weight loss. The supplements that are advertised to help lose weight are not effective. Even if any supplement succeeds the process takes a long time.

Willpower myth

Some people claim that losing weight is all about your will power and how badly you want it. The fact on the contrary is that weigh gain is a complex process maneuvered by a number of factors. Diseases like hypothyroidism, polycystic ovaries syndrome and stress can lead to obesity. The malfunctioning of hormones is one of the reasons. To cure obesity in this case would be to treat the disease first and then go for a food check. Biological and genetic factors contribute a lot towards an obese body. Obesity sometimes runs in the family.

 Exercises for weight loss

Reduce calorie intake and burn more

Some people are told to reduce their calorie intake and burn it more. This situation works for some people but the people who have a serious obesity problem may end up gaining more weight.

 lifestyles for weight loss

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Carbohydrate myth

Carbohydrates are considered to cause obesity. One thing that needs to be considered is that human beings contacted this problem about three decades back but mankind has been consuming calories for centuries. The problem lies with the refined sugars. Whole foods are great for weight loss.

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Fat fattening myth

There is a myth about fat that it makes you fat by building up in the body. Studies have revealed that foods that have a high fat content but low carbohydrate content tend to help in weight loss. People who believe this myth are the ones who consume fat with a lot of carbohydrate rich food. Unknowingly they hold fat the main culprit.

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Breakfast myth

A group of men and women were tested to reveal whether taking breakfast helps weight loss or not. It was found after four months that it had no effect. The misunderstanding could have been caused by the fact that people who took breakfast had other healthy habits that speeded up their weight loss.

Other myths about weight loss include taking small meals after interval help weight loss. This too proved futile under controlled study. Eating when hungry; proved to be helpful.

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Is fast food unhealthy?

Some claim that fast food consumption is not only unhealthy but also fattening. This is not true in all cases. Some fast foods offer hamburgers without bun, steaks or baked potatoes which are very healthy.

Diet foods

Diet food fad is one of the myths about weight loss. These foods have certain labels on them such as diet, glutton free, low carb and so many more. These tags are the ways to deceive the public into buying these brands. They do not necessarily mean what they advertise. The best thing to consume is fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins from animals and fish. Prefer boiled and grilled food over fried.




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