World isn’t new to cyber bullying. There are many people here who would think leaving mean comments or using vile words to express your feelings for someone online is nothing more than harmless fun. That you can sit behind a screen and start abusing someone. It’s a power rush because the person can’t touch you but how much of a “harmless” fun is it?
I feel like people find it either extremely hard to understand that their actions have consequences or just don’t care. They don’t care that they’re pushing people further into depression. They don’t care that they’re toying with lives and if you think I am exaggerating, Anam Tanoli’s example is in front of you. A beautiful young girl, an aspiring model who committed suicide because of cyber bullying.
The same people who left hate comments, were the same people who talked about how suicide is haram. True, this wasn’t suicide though, it was murder. You murdered her with your words.
People think if you’re online you are inviting people to come hate you. That if your account is public or your pictures are, you’re asking for hate and that’s what makes me sick.
A young girl Sana Abdullah is being excessively bullied online not by unknown people she can block and get over but by people she knows in real life. The same people who post about mental health awareness. How do you not see the hypocrisy? How can you talk about mental health but also ruin it in the same breath?
But whats different this time is that she came for her abusers by posting the screen shots of the low lives with a hashtag.

I’ve never been a vocal person. I have never expressed any of my sentiments on social media. People who I just started off as “friends” and who I never harmed in any way had the audacity to bully me and call me names like “moti” “bhens” and everything else you can see in the pictures attached. Ironically, the same people talk about depression and how the world is cruel and pushes you into it.

You can not be a hypocrite with me and get away with it. I would have never said a word about any of this if it hadn’t gotten severe to a level of you abusing me and having the audacity to share the screenshots. To all of you bullies, you do not deserve to talk about depression because YOU are responsible for it. To all of you going through bullying, I’m sorry it happened to you, do not doubt yourself for even a minute. None of you has the right to disrespect, degrade and humiliate a person. Here’s to not being bullied into silence.

If you don’t have ANYTHING nice to say, DON’T say anything at all. You may think what you’re doing is harmless or a joke but according to the laws, you’re a criminal for which you can be punished. Even if there wasn’t a punishment for cyber bullying, do you really think spewing hate and ruining someone’s life is good? How do you sleep at night?



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