While many may argue that a woman’s body is her own; not anyone else’s, and only she has all the right to take decisions regarding it, reality however begs to differ.

I would like to question why?

I’m the owner of my body; no one has the right to force me to carry a child or to get pregnant when I don’t want it to happen yet. Although, pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling a woman could ever experience but still, it’s also a huge responsibility.

The moment a girl gets married she is expected to announce pregnancy right on her valima.  Reinforcing pregnancy right away is terrifying. Moving in is the feeling so alien that having children right away is hard to digest but why these in-laws don’t understand this situation?

Why don’t they let a girl settle down first?

There are times when a couple can hardly sustain their own survival; yet they are forced to announce pregnancy at gunpoint.

It’s not only about basic human rights. It’s also about bodily autonomy. How am I supposed to raise my child well when I, myself am not ready?

Abortion has always been a complicated subject to talk about but why everyone takes abortion to humanity grave. Why people just can’t let me decide what to do with my body, why I need to convince 2 doctors for the permission of abortion, why can’t I just only say “I’m not willing to have this baby”. There are many “whys” but no one dares to answer.

Why they can’t just keep it simple that having a baby is a mental trauma, an emotional breakdown and a big responsibility to take, if I’m not ready for it yet then why force it on me. Basically, in our society parenting decision makers are “families” when it should have been “couples”. Other than woman’s it should be a Husband’s call to make only about “when” and “how many” which I still find annoying.

Many times in women-only groups I come across queries asking advice on how they can delay pregnancy without their husbands knowing it.

Many husbands on finding it out feel cheated but none will accept; they were the cause of this betrayel.

Sadly ours is a society where even the permission of contraception is at times sought from in-laws. I fear the day when family members would be giving sermons about which position to strictly follow for procreation.

If a girl passes away during delivery because of the ill-informed choices of her family; it would be a collateral damage and will be silenced with a mere “It was God’s will”.

A woman’s body is considered only a vessel to create babies. These nosy aunties might get you killed by your own conscious because you dared to consider abortion of an accidently conceived baby but trust me they are the ones who will force you to abort your fourth or fifth girl foetus.

An abortion in the name of gender is perfectly fine while one which ensures the safety of a mother is a “sin”.

Slogan “mera jism, meri marzi” was translated into “freedom to walk nude” while it asked for reproductive rights and body autonomy and the freedom to say no to any kind of physical advances. By creating memes about it the underlying message was toned down.

Men undoing their zips on public spaces shamelessly chanted “mera jism meri marzi”. The impact the slogan could create was moderated and a chaos was created by misleading the ultra-conservatives masses to believe that “hey look these women want to show their flesh; this is what they are on the streets for”.

I just wish to live up to the day where I can see women asserting their

  1. Reproductive rights
  2. Body autonomy
  3. Right to assert consent

Without the fear of being judged, attacked or killed.

Let’s all hail Aurat March.




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