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Is male sterilization an option?

The population is like a ticking time bomb that can explode at any moment and the aftermaths are going to be pretty horrific for the human race. Pakistan is unfortunately one of the few Islamic states that haven’t taken serious steps to rein in its population growth.

The reason behind out of control population is the lack of effective birth control strategies. Whenever there is talk about contraception or family planning methods, women are always expected to bear the burden of contraception.

contraceptive methods pakistan

Female birth control is not always 100% effective and one can get pregnant while using contraception. Despite that no one even considers male contraception an option, let alone talk about it.

Pakistan is a backward country in which even discussing family planning is considered a taboo. And even if a couple decides to opt for contraceptive, women are made scapegoats for their male counterparts.

It is not just about Pakistan but even around the world, the most popular method of birth control is female contraception. Male contraceptive or sterilization is being applied in some developed countries like Canada, New Zealand, and Australia etc.

But most countries do not support male sterilization as an option to control the birth rate. Even in a country like United States vasectomy or male sterilization rate is quite low. Although for a couple who decides that they don’t want any more children in the future and consider their family completed, vasectomy is a permanent, cost-effective and less invasive procedure.

What is vasectomy?

Male sterilization also known as a vasectomy is an outpatient surgical procedure that is very simple. In this procedure, two tubes- known as vas deferens- that are responsible to carry sperm to the penis are cut off or tied up. That way the sperms do not enter the semen and hence pregnancy cannot occur.

Vasectomy is performed under local anesthesia and does not require extensive care. The doctor makes two little cuts on scrotum and tubes are tied off.

5 reasons why vasectomy can help control population

simple and easy

Male sterilization, unlike female sterilization, is a quite simple and easy procedure. The recovery rate time is very little usually from 2 to 3 days.

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100% success rate

Vasectomy has a success record of almost 100% which means that it is a highly effective birth control method. The chances of surprise pregnancy are low which is a drawback in female birth control methods.

Hormone free

Male sterilization is hormone and chemical free procedure that is eco-friendly too. Unlike female contraceptive that are full of hormones and messes up the entire reproductive system of a woman, male sterilization doesn’t have such side effects such as impotence or lack of sexual desire etc.

male sterilization

Millions of sperms?one egg

Women ovulate only once a month while men stay fertile all the time. That’s why men it is understandable that man should opt for vasectomy to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Permanent and cheap

Vasectomy is a permanent and inexpensive method of family planning which can prove useful in poor countries struggling with population control.

What needs to be done?

Serious measures need to be taken in order to promote male sterilization. In India, the health department is promoting vasectomy and Pakistan needs to do the same to control the rapid growth of population.

The government should encourage vasectomy on a national level. Doctors should play their role too. If a couple goes to a doctor’s clinic to discuss birth control option, the doctors need to mention vasectomy as one of the options too. There are some misunderstandings and myths in regard to vasectomy but proper knowledge and discussion can clear up the doubts. That is the reason we need to educate our masses about male sterilization and its benefits.

Men need to step up

Women are not solely responsible for birth control. Men and women are both equal partners in marriage so both need to play their role. Women go through menstrual pain, pregnancies, and painful deliveries and in some cases even miscarriages and she does it all alone while men enjoy all the perks without any hard work. To make things worse, the responsibility of birth control is also dumped on the fragile body of a woman who has already gone through so much.

Women are not given control over their bodies. There is always someone dictating them what to do and what is better for them. But it is high time that men also should “man up” and share the burden of birth control with their other halves. Doing so can strengthen the marital bond and the sexual relationship of a couple.

Also by opting for vasectomy men are playing their part to control population growth which is the cause of so many problems in the world.


As women we need to talk about these things openly with our partners and take control of our bodies.

To control population we neetrol.d 100% fail-proof methods which is why male sterilization is an ideal choice for population con





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