United Nations just coined a new term “Jahez Khori” to make it sound as appalling as is “Rishwat Khori” or “Muft Khori” in our society. It is one of the serious evils of our society which makes parents mourn the birth of a daughter.

But first let us define jahez or dowry:

“It is the amount of money, property, vehicle, furniture or crockery brought by the bride to the groom’s family”

jahez khori band karo

Now apparently it all belongs to the bride but everything is used by the groom’s family as well which causes rifts between the bride and groom and their families. The reason is the carelessness with which groom’s family uses them and the anger bride has to suppress on seeing her belongings used by aliens.

Jahez is an inherited evil from Hindu society. We don’t find any clues in an Islamic society but no matter where it came from; the fact is it’s there and we need to fight this menace.

What UN is doing?

United Nations just started a campaign #jahezkhoribandkaro after the 16 days activism to end violence against women. For this it has brought on board celebrities to convey this message in a very coolest and effective manner. Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain, Ayesha Omer, Ali Rehman, Mehwish Hayat and so many more and joining in.

iqra against jahez khori


Fans will definitely follow their star icons in this campaign against jahez khori. Let’s hope to end this menace once for all as it spreads oppression and violence against women.

What Pakistani men have to say about #jahezkhoribandkaro

Pakistan men always have something to say when it comes to the rights of women and this is what they came up this time.

“Ask these women to stop looking for guys with six digit salary”

now a very cliched sentence people use to demand dowry is

“Ap ne jo dena apni beti ko e dena hai”

Why #jahezkhoribandkaro campaign was important?

Discrimination against women

Parents from day one keep discrimination against the female child thinking she is a burden on them. The first thing she will go away to another family and work for them. The second and the most important is that she will have to be wedded off with dowry which would financially strain the family.


Parents don’t focus much on girl’s education and save it for her big day. Because of lack of education the women are not financially independent and hence have to spend all their lives with abusive men no matter how much curses are hurled at them.

They remain under a pressure thinking that as their parents have spent everything on them so they are not left with anything to further support them in time of need.

A competition in society

People try to give their daughters as much as possible in the name of dowry just to outshine others. Therefore they set an example and anyone who can’t follow the lead bears the brunt. This leads to financial problems, stress and anxiety issues.

Abuse against women

Those girls who can’t furnish the demands of the greedy in-laws have to face taunts, insults and in extreme cases are even burned to death. Women in our society are taught to be submissive and tolerant because of which they do not convey the abuse they go through to their parents and hence are humiliated, abused and killed in the process.

Why Islam is against dowry

Islam is against any such thing that spreads greed and abuse in the society. It is because of this curse that a number of women in our society are not married at the right age, are tortured and some even killed.




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