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It’s been ages since morning show has been banned in my house because I don’t fancy starting my day with an over dose of stupidity and useless content.Just when you think that these pathetic morning shows couldn’t get any more deplorable, they shock you with yet another foolish show.

Thanks to social media one stays updated about latest happenings on any morning show. I mean in what world, dancing in super heavy dresses with gaudy jewelry, marrying off two already married celebrities numerous times is a right way to start your day.

Following are a few crappy ideas executed by imbecile minds at content creation.

Obsession with fair complexion

Prying on the emotions of innocent girls by suggesting them to use “whitening creams”, they are further strengthening the “fair complexion” stigma. Instead of discouraging this fair color complex that has successfully ruined the lives of so many girls, these morning show hosts tell you how to make “rang gora karnay wali cream” at home.

According to them, the main purpose of a girl’s life is getting married and in order to do that she needs gora rang(fair complexion). I remember this one time Nida Yasir called a burn victim on the show and said

“It’s hard for her to get married because she looks overage because of her skin.”

Challenge of the day was to make her look beautiful.

Racist content

The amount of insensitivity these morning show hosts display is alarming. They will literally insult anyone and everyone especially those with dark skin tones or people with broad bodies.

negro make over sanam jang

Once in Sanam Jang show, the challenge was to make dark skinned girls look beautiful. I mean for the love of God women, making dark skin look pretty is a CHALLENGE?

Sanam did a fabulous job of degrading dark skinned girls by painting all the fair colored models dark. Numerous times words like habshi, habshan, makrani, negro were used casually while addressing the girls. These morning shows can do literally anything for the sake of TRPs and they do not care what damage they are causing to the society.

Display of utter insensitivity

These shows have no concept of personal privacy or sensitivity. They invite any celebrity on the show and start probing about extremely personal details which are some times very painful and makes the guests cry. How can we forget that one time Shaista Lodhi made Babar khan cry by continuously talking about her exwife Sana.

shaista lodhi babar khan

She asked some extremely personal questions from Babar’s new wife and made her visibly uncomfortable. Quite recently Mathira was called to talk about her divorce and miscarriage.

Promotion extravagant culture

By supporting extravagant wedding culture these shows are making life difficult for a middle class father who is already trying hard to get his daughters married. How is he supposed to throw grand functions? Why do we have to further increase his burden instead of easing it?

Quack medical advices and useless totkas

Quack medical advice, useless and experimental totkas are given freely without any regard to how much damage they can cause. Putting anything and everything on the face in order to achieve “gora rang” does more harm then good.

Advocacy of misogynist culture

Sanam Baloch in her recent morning show with Amir Liaqat Hussain questioned his first wife’s religious values and upbringing of her children.

According to Sanam Baloch any Muslim women should not object her husband’s second marriage and if she does; her religious education can be doubted.

What we can do?

We as a nation also have to play our part by boycotting such shows. You can play your role by signing off the petition initiated by womenfront, to prevent this pathetic rat-race for ratings. You can sign up for the petition here.

ban morning shows

What PEMRA needs to do?

PEMRA needs to wake up and put a stop to any morning show that is airing pathetic content. There should be some sort of legislation which stops TV channels to air content that clashes with our moral values.

Likes of Nida Yasir,  Sanam Jang and Sanam Baloch should set some ethics up for their work instead of blinding following a script.




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